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Single Color Decoration for Small Spaces

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Have you ever though that your room might use a little touching up? Perhaps the rooms in your home aren't colored to match each other? Interior decoration is always open for creativity and experimenting, but sometimes we like to settle with minimalism. For example, having only one color dominate your home and your rooms instead of combining many different colors.

If you can see from one room to the other, and they are painted with drastically different colors, then it might create a sense of disarray and chaos. Here are some tips for using single color decoration to create the desired harmony in your room or house.

Inspiring Yellow

Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and wisdom. It is used to attract attention. If you want to emphasize something, yellow is the color for you. It is very warm and comforting; its energy inspires clarity of thought and swiftness of action. If you need to focus on something and you don't know what to do, take a long stare at a yellow piece of furniture in your home, it should do the trick.

However, having too much yellow in your home can be a bit disturbing, especially if you are a baby (it is proven that babies cry when there is too much yellow). So be careful when using this color for decorating a child's room. On the other hand, yellow instills energy into everyone, so a little bit will do wonders for your child and won't be harmful at all.

An important aspect of using yellow in decorating is that you don’t have to paint the walls. A yellow table or chair will create the same effect as painting walls would.

The best thing you can do to create the perfect decoration for your room is to choose a dominant color and then combine it with other colors that match. Here are some great combinations for you, with yellow being the dominant color.

Yellow and Blue

To brighten up a dark blue room, add a little yellow and break the coldness instantly.  The same will happen when you combine yellow and gray, except that gray is a more neutral color and adding yellow to it will make the room shine with style.

Yellow and Orange

The most cheerful effect is achieved by combining yellow and orange. This energetic combination will keep you happy and motivated throughout the day.

Yellow and Turquoise

Another pleasing effect is achieved by mixing yellow and turquoise. It is the brightest combination, very refreshing and sunny. It's excellent for a children's room or a living room.


Yellow, White, and Black

If you use yellow, white and black as your room's main colors, it will create a high-tech, fancy and elegant look. You can never go wrong with this combination.


The combination of your colors depends greatly on your choice of rugs. A smart thing to do would be to use yellow as the dominant color for furniture and the rug's color for combining. For example, a yellow sofa and a green rug make for a natural, healthy pallet of colors, perfect for the children's bedroom. Buy rugs online at your local retailer and start decorating.

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