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Top Amenities offered in Vacation Homes

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If you own a vacation home as an investment property then you already know that repeat business and past guest referrals are key to your success. In order to get the repeat business and guest referrals to be a huge part of your marketing strategy you need to offer great amenities to your guest. Now the key is to offer great amenities which do not cost you a lot of money. Here are a list of amenities which guest love and they are also very cost friendly.

Internet/Wifi:  Internet is going to run you around $30 a month and it is almost a necessity in every vacation home market. With social media guest love to tweet and Facebook their friends especially when they are on vacation.

Google TV: We started putting the Google TV in the vacation homes and guest have raved about it every since we put them in. Of course we have the normal cable but Google TV only cost $100 and most clients already have their own Net Flix account.

Daily Newspaper Delivered: In all of our vacation homes we have had the USA Today delivered, and it is a really nice touch for very little money. You can get the USA Today delivered for as little as $50 for the year if you only opt for the Thursday, Friday, and Weekend papers.

Free Pool Heat: This really is not that expensive as heating a pool is very similar to heating a house. Yes, it cost some money to get the temperature to where you want it, but once the pool is heated it cost very little money keep the temperature constant.

Pet Friendly: In a recent report 15% of Americans prefer to take their pets with them on vacation. Now what is interesting is that most pet owners fully expect to pay a pet fee or a non-refundable pet deposit so this can be a money maker for you. Come up with a fair pet fee so pet owners have the option to take their pets on vacation.

Washer and Dryer: With airlines charging so much money for extra baggage’s washer and dryer’s popularity have soared in the past couple of months.  

These are the most popular amenities we offer in our vacation homes here in Orlando. If you are looking for more repeat guest you should check this list and make sure you are offering these same amenities and more. The more you offer a guest the better chance they will want to come back and stay in your house again.

Trey Duling is owner of which specializes in managing and marketing vacation homes in and around Disney World. Please check out our website for more information on vacation homes at We try our best to gain customer’s business with great customer service and low nightly rates.

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Trey Duling

Trey Duling is the owner of He has been managing and renting vacation homes in Orlando since 2001. If you have a vacation home in the Orlando area and you are looking for a property manager give Trey a call at 1-800-633-7108 ext 7007.

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