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Tips for Choosing the Best Facial Machine

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Tips for Choosing the Best Facial Machine

Facial machine is the most affordable facial care for home usa. Why? Because, if you want to have some facial care products at beauticians, salons or dermatologist, it will expand your money. In today’s article, I will give you another facial equipment review which can be used at your house. It called lift wand. First, the appearance and feature. It have a unique shape with many tools for facial treatment called electrodes (glass wands). It also easier to change the glass wands. The functions are for the face and body, for reduce the spots, for the eyes, and for the hair and scalp. Then, the benefits. Same as the other product, Lift Wand have so many benefits too such as clean up the face, reduce wrinkles, reduce the spots, minimize the oils and pores, reduce the eye bags and dark circle and strain your skin. For mother who just childbearing, it can be used to remove the stretch mark too! Very beneficial, isn’t it?

Tips for Choosing the Best Facial Machine

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Lift wand is a portable anti-aging tool with high frequency currents. As you know, high frequency tool is very good for stimulate your cell to do the renewal and circulation, reduce the toxin from the faces, and also can penetrate into the deep pores in your face. With argan oil, it can be used to fulfill the necessity of vitamin E for your face. By using this product, you also can set the gadgets according to the levels that you need. The most important thing is this product have less energy about 20 watts. Overall, the most favorite times to use this product is around 2-4 times every week because in that time, it can show the best result. With all of the benefits, I am highly recommend this product!



With this facial tool we can get so much benefits for our face skin. I am very interest to review another kind of portable facial device which can be used for every people. The product that I want to review called New Spa Home diamond microdermabrasion Machine. As you know, this product created by New Spa Company. They’re not just creating the professional skin care, but also provide very basic and simple feature in every product. Many people think the New Spa product is very useful tools and easy to navigate.


For the features, New Spa have diamond type which means it better than crystals type. It can remove the dead sells away from your face and gently peel the dead skin too. For the function, New Spa is very suitable for people who want to prevent the wrinkles, lighten the skin, and improve the regeneration potency in your skin. By getting those benefits, they will still look fresh and young in the old ages. For the packages, the new spa product package in one suitcase. In the suitcase, there have several tools such as New Spa diamond tip machine, silicone hose, 2 stainless steel wands, 9 diamond tips, 1 pouch od 16mm filters (every pouch have 50 pcs), 1 pouch of 10 mm filters (50 pcs), replacement on O-rings shape, headband, manual book and one year warranty. The product is being equipped with the facial cleanser and after treatment serum too. All of those feature are packaging on one suitcase which very easy for carrying them. With professional feature, it can bring the best treatment in your house! When you use the New Spa facial machine, optimize your facial treatment with serum and lotions too.

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