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Top Qualities to Seek in a Roofing Company

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The weather might be cold, but the market is hot! People around the country are finding that investing in home renovations are something to consider, especially if you’re in the home flipping industry such as popular shows found on HGTV.


Since renovations are something that add instant value to your home, one of the major updates that many people need to consider is their roof. People looking to buy a new home are looking for more than shiplap and fancy decorations, they want to know that the house is built to last and the roof is something that needs consideration. Pay attention to the condition of your roof and take note of these qualities to seek in roofing company that you hire:


Are They Licensed?


As a homeowner, you should have full disclosure on knowing whether the company you’re hiring has a government license to fulfill the roofing job. Ensure that you’re upfront and don’t be afraid to ask the company to provide proof.


Due to high cost, many companies will avoid getting the necessary requirements to perform the job, putting your home at risk. Do your part by making sure the company you’re hiring can do the job.


Do They Have Insurance?


Another important factor to keep in mind when you’re in the process of hiring a roofing company is to know if they’re insured. If they’re not, it could mean a costly loss for you as a homeowner. For instance, if there was a roofing accident during the job and the company you hired is not insured then you, as a homeowner, might be considering their hospital bill.


Keep it simple. If you’ve come across a company that isn’t capable of providing proof of insurance, continue your search because less risk is a better piece of mind as opposed to a cheaper bill for labor.


Can They Backup Their Work?


As a homeowner in the search for a roofer, you’ve probably been advised of an array of material brands and specific products. Take the responsibility to perform your own research. Ensure that you know the quality of the materials, what they cost, and whether it’s what you want on your roof.


In addition to conducting your personal research on materials, ask your roofing company if they provide any sort of promise behind their work. For instance, you’ve paid a high dollar amount for your new roof and two weeks later you notice a leak. You should hire a company that provides top service by coming back to your home to inspect the leak and willing to fix the problem for no charge. Any reputable company should be willing to back their materials, products, and their work.


Have You Looked for Reviews?


Let’s face it, we can leave reviews for just about anything online and why not roofing services? If the company you’re considering has built a reputation in your area, take it upon yourself to go online and find reviews that other people in your community have left. A reputable company should have a majority of satisfied customers who are willing to let their opinions be heard.


Also, check out their website, if they have one, to see if they’ve provided any type of portfolio or gallery to provide you with an idea of the quality of their work. Everyone loves a drastic before and after photo so take the extra time before hiring to get a piece of mind and do your research.


Although these are a few must-haves on your checklist, it’s your home and you can make this checklist as extensive as you would like. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will need the piece of mind you’re seeking and knowing that the investment you made was a good one.


What other qualities might you recommend in your hiring process?


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