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Interior Design Ideas to Incorporate into Your New Home

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Moving home is bound to be an exciting time. You are bound to be full of ideas but could be unsure what to pick or how to execute them. To help you create the ideal styles for your taste, simply take a look at the following interior design ideas for your new home.

Shape and Color

You will undoubtedly want your home to look as beautiful asKourtney Kardashian’s LA mansion, but unless you have her budget, you might not be able to achieve the same style. However, one can certainly take inspiration from the eldest Kardashian sister has style, with her home offering a wonderful mix of block shapes and bold colors, which offer texture and personality to a room.


Peter Marino’s designs have proven that art and architecture go hand-in-hand. While you might not have the creative ideas or tools of the talented architect, you can use art to complement your own beautiful masterpiece: your home. Whether you’re a fan of Magritte, Cezanne or Jackson Pollack, art brings color, texture and personality into any room – and will provide your guests with an insight into your personality.


Nothing says welcome home like luxurious cushions, throws and rugs – so provide your room with textures that demand to be seen and touched. Think geometric cushions, shaggy rugs and floral curtains, which feature colors found in your wallpaper or decorative accessories.

The Doors

Many people often overlook the importance of their doors within the home. A beautiful interior cannot hide a dull and lifeless door – and nor should it. Say goodbye to boring entrances once and for all and hang beautiful doors that complements your flooring and furnishings.

Mix and Match Bedding

You will love nothing more than climbing into a comfortable bed after a busy day of painting and decorating. A homely bed will be bliss after a long, hard day – and nothing screams comfort quite like mix and match bedding. For example, a nautical themed pillow can work surprisingly well with floral bedding – but pick your shades carefully for a style that will start setting trends.

Antique Bathroom Fittings

To offer all the charm of a period home, consider installing an antique fitting into your bathroom, such as a pedestal tub or 1920s lamp. It will not only add a vintage style to your bathroom, but it will create an interesting talking point when people drop by for a visit.

Repurpose Furniture

Moving home can be expensive, so you will be glad to learn you don’t have to spend money to create a beautiful household. In fact, you can simply purchase inexpensive furniture, such as a table and chairs, and give them a fresh coat of white paint that will make them instantly modern, and it won’t break the bank!

Don’t be afraid to try new things when it comes to your home’s interior. After all, you will have many years to perfect your style until you find a design to suit your taste and shape. One of the best ways to create the perfect home is to personalise it through photographs, artwork and keepsakes, which will give you and your guests that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.


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