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Wood Paint: Does It Really Do The Trick For?

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Having beautiful wooden furniture truly is a wonderful addition to any home interior, but can sometimes not mesh well with the rest of the room. You may be feeling like your furniture is in particular need of restyling if you’ve recently changed the colour scheme of your interior walls, for example.

Luckily, altering the colour of both treated and untreated wooden furnitureis possible– it just depends on the type of paint for wood that you’ve decided to use! To make sure that you’ve chosen the best paint for wood furniture or crafts, check out a variety of products, like this one, or this one and determine what wood paint will suit your needs best.

When you’ve selected the appropriate paint for the job, the rest of the process is straight forward:

·         For untreated wood, sanding the surface and applying a primer is necessary if your coat of paint is to be long lasting! Sand down the surface (along the grain) of your craft item or furniture, wipe down the surface with a damp rag to remove any foreign particles from the surface and then apply the primer (against the grain for the best effect). Wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step. If you’re wondering how to paint wood without sanding it down first, your paint job will be more rugged, but sanding does increase its quality!

·         Now, apply the paint. The direction of brush strokes no longer matters, since the primer removes the danger of creating an irregular paint job. If areas on the surface do seem thinner than others, apply another coat of wood paint. Wait for it to dry and assess your final product to see if any areas on the item needs more attention.

Painting over your wooden furniture goes a long way into getting your furniture and the rest of your home interior to flow together aesthetically. Match your wooden furniture to your interior colour scheme and you’ll once again have a (long lasting and easily alterable) interior aesthetic!

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