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How to Turn Your Basement Into an Additional Bedroom

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Most people around the world love their homes, because they are a reflection of their inner selves. When you have your own home, you can do whatever you want with it. You can choose the decorations you like, you can furnish it according to your own style and you can paint the walls in any colour you like. But most home owners always complain that they need more space, especially if they want to invite some guests over, but they can offer them only the couch in the living room for the night. These people often forget that they also have a basement. It may seem dark and scary down there, but if you really need some space for a new bedroom, here are some tips on how to turn your basement into an additional bedroom. You'll see that after you're done, you'll want the room for yourself.

Clear everything out of there. If you've decided to turn your basement into a bedroom, the first thing you should do is to take everything out of there. I know this could be quite difficult, because most people store many kinds of junk there, but it's just something you'll have to do. First you could make two piles – one to throw away and one with things you want to keep. After that you'll have to segregate everything in the pile that's left and find a new place for all of the things.

Clean it. The second step you should take towards turning the basement into an additional bedroom is to clean it. There's probably dust settled there from a few decades ago, and you can't just leave it there. The basement is usually the least clean part of every house, because most of the time it's cluttered with too many items and there's practically no space left to clean. This is a great opportunity to tidy up everything to the bone, metaphorically speaking. You can either do it yourself or get a cleaning lady to do it for you, if the place is too dirty. After all, it's not healthy to sleep in a bedroom full of dust and spiders.

Cut holes for the phone and electricity. After everything is cleaned thoroughly you'll have to cut some holes in the walls and the ceiling for the electrical outlets and the phone connection (if you want one). Just be careful and measure exactly where you want the lights to be, because otherwise you'll end up with too many holes in the wrong places. And also remember that you'll need strong lights, because the basement is under the ground, and there's no sunshine coming inside. But be careful, because some lights can cause weird headaches if they are too strong, and I'm sure you don't want to cause that to your guests.

Paint. When you're done with the holes for the electricity and the phone, you'll have to paint your new bedroom. It's good to choose a bright colour, because it will freshen up the otherwise dank looking basement. If there is mould or stains on the walls, you should paint each wall twice to ensure that they won't reappear from under it. If you've decided that you can spend more money on this project, you could buy and apply wallpapers instead of paint. It would be even better because it will look cosier, and it will definitely be warmer in there. Just remember to put some insulation on the walls before that, because the basement being situated under the ground could make it a little cold and wet, and you don't want your new wallpapers to fall off the walls of your additional bedroom in a couple of days.

Floors. After you do the walls, you should think about the floors too. They are actually the most important part of the whole basement. Choosing the floor cover for your new additional bedroom is the hardest task, because the cold seeps through there more than ever, since it's underground. The best choice would be a natural wood flooring covered with some rugs or carpets. This way you can be absolutely sure that your guests will be warm in the coldest room of the house.

Choose the furniture. After you've done all the preparation around the basement and everything is cleaned after the renovation, the time to put the furniture has come. If your basement is not so big, you should consider very carefully what to put in there. The basic furniture every bedroom needs is a bed, a night stand, a chair or an armchair, and maybe a table and a wardrobe of some kind. If, on the other side, you have plenty of space there, you can put whatever you want. You can even turn just a part of the basement into a bedroom and the other part into a leisure room of some kind or a guest bathroom. Here are some more budget friendly basement ideas.

When you have a house of your own it's good to use every bit of space the best way you can. The basement is usually the least used place in every home, because everybody thinks it exists only to contain useless objects you haven't had the opportunity to throw away. But these people are really wrong. If you have the will and follow these simple steps, you'll have the knowledge needed to turn your basement into an additional bedroom, and I'm sure that everyone could only benefit from that.

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