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What exactly is the difference between a manufactured home, modular home, panelized home and a mobile home?

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What exactly is the difference between a manufactured home, modular home, panelized home and a mobile home?  Find out here.


It must be stated up front that many people out there use the term “manufactured home” to include a variety of construction types for homes that should have a different term used to describe them.  The term manufactured can be used to describe the following types of homes; modular homes, panelized homes, pre-cut homes and mobile homes.  All of these types of homes start in a manufacturing plant but they are all quite different.

Modular homes, what we most consistently refer to as manufactured home, are transported to the site prebuilt and ready to install.  They are built almost completely in a manufacturing plant and are built on an I-beam with axles and wheels. The axles and wheels will remain with the home and are visible from underneath the home.  The towing tongue is typically cut off and removed so it is not visible for the new homeowner.

Panelized homes are pre built walls with windows and doors which are transported to the site on a flatbed truck.  Once these panels are delivered an onsite contractor will assemble the walls and erect a home.  There is no visible evidence of this process once the home is completed.  One the outer shell is complete then wiring and plumbing as well as insulation and sheetrock.  So a great deal of the home is completed onsite.

Pre-cut homes are typically log style homes, kit home or dome homes.  These types of homes have all the building materials pre-cut in a factory and shipped to the home site, and then each individual piece is assembled.  Kind of like a life size puzzle.

Mobile home is in reference to a factory built home produced prior to when HUD building codes became effective on June 15, 1976. FHA will not insure loans for this type of dwelling.

For more information on each of these homes please visit these links.

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