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Tips for Your Basement Renovation

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Today more and more people opt for basements renovations because this space can become a perfect plays to turn your dreams come true. In fact designers say, that modern technologies allow you to create all the craziest ideas, so do not hesitate!

In this article we will talk a little about the renovation basics. According to the professional basement contractor Guy Solomon the most important think about the basement renovation is planning. Before you actually start any activities, make sure that you have a strong and well-thought-out plan of actions. For such crucial things as wires, plumbing, and mechanical systems it is highly advised to consider hiring experts to make the space ready for the final part of your makeover.

After you have made sure that the plan for the essential works for your basement renovation are taken care of, it is just the right time to start discussing what type of ceiling you need to install. For example, if you have less than eight feet height in the basement space, then painted Gyprock or sheetrock can become the best options for you. Only make sure, that you leave access to the pipes and wires for the sake of later maintenance.

Light is one of the biggest considerations that you need to pay attention to when renovating your basement. As a rule, basement spaces do not have a lot of natural light because of their underground location. This means that you will have to interchange natural light with artificial possibilities. Experts advise to first of all use light and pastel tones for walls and furniture in order to make lighter visual appearance of the room. And as for the light itself, you should opt for ceiling options and also for pot lights, that will add coziness and style to your project.

Storage is always a great idea for the basement space, no matter what room function you want to have in the end. Think about creating built-in storages that are always of great use and undoubtedly look very sophisticated. It will create a place to store some stuff, and at the same time it will be hidden from other people’s eyes. When planning your basement storage place, experts advise to take as much space as you can without influencing on the functionality of the room, because there is always not enough storage space when it comes to useless things.

When choosing the type of flooring for your new basement take a look at Guy Solomon reviews and be sure that his team will help you make the right decision. Find out what he  advises to consider the function of the renovated space. For example, for a playroom you should look for a soft floor that can be reached with special play mats or carpet, while if making a bedroom you should look for more classical options such as laminate or hardwood flooring. The only universal thing about the basement floorings is to make sure that you avoid moisture problems with the right insulation. And a great option for a basement room is to install heated floors to add more comfort to your room.

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