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Do You Really Need a Temecula Short Sale Expert to Sell Your Home?

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Here are reasons why you should hire an expert Temecula short sale agent when selling your home.

Sell your short sale without added stress!


As the last step before a foreclosure, short sales can become an anxiety-inducing event in a person’s life. Just imagine how much time and money was spent on purchasing that dream home – only to end up having it listed under Temecula short sales.


Simply put, a short sale is when the seller needs to unload a real estate property for a price that’s lower than the amount needed to cover the mortgage.


It’s the last step before a foreclosure and while it’s not an ideal situation to be in, it’s definitely smarter than declaring bankruptcy.


Homeowners resort to short sales due to various personal financial difficulties. But no matter what type of situation your credit is in, you can definitely score an excellent deal on a short sale – you just need to know more about the entire short sale home-selling process.

Selling your short sale home in Temecula CA can be quick - hiring an expert short sale agent will help!

What are the advantages of a short sale?


For buyers, purchasing a property on short sale is a great way to get your dream home at a much lower price. Sure, the entire home buying process takes way longer in comparison to buying a Temecula home for sale, but the price is definitely worth the longer wait time.


For sellers, short sales help protect your credit, prevent a foreclosure, save money on closing costs, and allow you and your family to stay on the property until the sale is completed.


Put my years of experience to work – here’s why you need my help as a Temecula short sale expert:


  1. You will learn more about the entire short sale process.


As an experienced agent in short sales, I can help you get familiarized with all the industry jargon and other technicalities that you won’t be able to find anywhere online.


I can help make things simpler for you and your family to understand clearly the steps a seller of a short sale property undertakes.


  1. You don’t have to spend all time in meeting potential buyers.


One of the tasks of a short sale agent is to meet with the possible buyers and their respective agents. Spend more time with your family by having someone else help you take care of the open houses and talking to buyers.


  1. Your real estate agent will go to meetings with lenders with you.


It’s definitely not an easy task meeting with bank people who speak a different kind of industry jargon than you. Having a licensed California real estate agent who’s also an expert in Temecula short sales can help ease up any possibly stressful meetings.


  1. Enjoy a worry-free short sale process.


We will be more than willing to handle all the selling stress for you. We have years of experience under our belts. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our clients are free of any unnecessary stress when selling a home.


If you need help in selling or buying Temecula short sale properties and don’t know where to start, go to:



Call me, Sidney Kutchuk, at 951-217-6745 to schedule a confidential interview to go over your specific situation and to see if you qualify to sell your Temecula property as a short sale. We hold your information in strict confidentiality.

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