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Agents: Showing Up When Competition Slows Down

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 22 January 2014 18:59

3 Great Strategies for Creating PRESENCE This Year

You've got your eye on a new year filled with promise and kicked off with momentum-right?

Here are three things you can do to start creating Presence now that will carry you through the year with powerful, forward, full-steam-ahead strength.

Commit to Consistency - You know what you see a lot of? Agents who ONLY send a postcard or greeting card once a year. Start now and make it a point to 'touch' your sphere and farm at LEAST once every 21-30 days for the duration. Consumers today are savvy - they're not swayed, influenced or impressed by the 'one-and-done' marketing efforts.

From their perspective? If you're that lax in how you market YOURSELF - how will you be at marketing THEIR property? Show the consumers in your market place that you've got the chops - and the commitment to be front and center not just once, but again and again and again.

Community Counts - Want to be known as the neighborhood resource or the market specialist? Get out of the office, out from behind your desk and out in FRONT of the people in the community you serve. Make it a point to calendar at least ONE community event in your market per quarter - or even per month.

It's an edge that will set you apart, win favor and create a presence that you're the top agent to talk to. Team up with your local schools, libraries, chamber of commerce, or even a network of like-minded business professionals to help create awareness, increase attendance and bring a wide spectrum of information to those who want it most.

Think AHEAD - The smartest agents in the business are never satisfied with doing things the 'same old way'. They're keeping their ear to the ground, eyes open, and thinking ahead. What can you do to make a splash? How can you best keep the 'buzz' going?

I love Tony Robbins who has served up the motto 'Constant And Never Ending Improvement' for years. In a 24/7, 365 world, you can't let your skills, your top-of-mind awareness, or your passion to coast or slip to the back burner.

Need help? Call us at 866.405.3638. We've got answers you can count on. From direct response postcard marketing that keeps you top-of-mind, to real world resources that you can adopt and make part of that empowered new marketing and business plan for 2014 that we know you are ALREADY working on!

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