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Agents: The Power Of The Fair Trade Offer

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 February 2014 18:31

Helping Agents Find the Real Estate Handraisers

You know, a very long time ago, Floyd Wickman founded his company on a concept that "We Get by Giving." He was on the mark then, and that concept is still on the mark today. Times have changed, markets have changed, and certainly how we communicate and do business has changed. But one thing that will always be a constant, I believe, is that people will ALWAYS be hungry for information.

And that's an amazing opportunity for real estate professionals to jump in and feed that need! We're asked all the time by agents - what can I do to get people to CALL me, CONTACT me, turn to ME for information - and we try to make that as simple as possible. Especially for agents who are eager to get more listings in their market areas.

One series that is gaining some traction because it features powerful 'fair trade offers' that sellers are looking for is our Free Offer Series. Sending three over the course of 2-3 months can certainly help you create the top-of-mind awareness and show potential sellers that you are the agent to ask when they have questions.

Here's the order we would recommend...

First - send the Market Analysis postcard. The big question for lots of folks in a changing economy is "How much is my home worth?" Between news headlines and short sale horror stories spanning the internet, people are curious and whether they are about to sell or not, they want to know where they stack up in terms of property value.

Second - send the Home Equity postcard. This gives folks a second opportunity to learn how much they can count on when it comes to the value of their home and where they stand in terms of equity versus potential sales price. Being a resource that can help consumers really have the big picture covered makes you a valuable resource in your community.

Third - send the Real Estate Consultation postcard. This is a great opportunity to follow up on your campaign and provide a full-blown consultation so people can determine if selling is right for them. Studies show it takes at LEAST three contacts for people to perk up and recognize a marketing campaign. So, stay with it and FOLLOW up!

And you don't have to stop at these - we've got an entire spectrum of free reports, handy tools and additional fair trade offers available on our resources page for download! Get yours today. Need help? Call us today at 866.405.3638 - our marketing experts are ready to help you lead the way!

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