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Agents: 3 Must-Have Components for Long Term Success

Written by Julie Escobar Posted On Tuesday, 10 June 2014 18:13

And Why Banking On the Past is NEVER an Option

Just like top agents who never take success for granted, and constantly look for new ways to improve and innovate, we know that to stay current in a constantly evolving market and economy, it takes a commitment, forward-thinking and creative connection. One of our favorite mantras is Tony Robbin's "CANI: Constant And Never-Ending Improvement." That's why we aren't slowing down one bit in terms of adding fresh content, up-to-the-minute marketing tools and the kinds of strategies and solutions it takes to help our customers and agents all across the real estate industry have what they need to thrive in ANY market.

Why? We know that three things are vital for agents to succeed out there:

1. Consistently staying top-of-mind.

There's plenty of competition in the minds of the buyers and sellers out there when it comes to choosing the agent THEY are willing to do business with. Much of that, however, boils down to how top-of-mind agents are for those consumers. (That out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing is truer today than ever!) Ever known cases where people have chosen other agents over family and friends just because they ‘forgot' that their loved one was in real estate? Don't let that happen to you. The Direct Marketing Association says an idea time frame for staying in touch with your clients is every 21-28 days.

Don't know what to send or how? We can help. Visit our specials page to see what's new each month - or our home page to see the complete spectrum of tools we have to offer. Our marketing team is also happy to help you match your marketing tools to your market preferences. Call them at 866.405.3638. From postcards to door hangers to newsletters and flyers - there are hundreds of ways to get noticed for your sphere of influence, farm and even niche markets.

2. STANDING out.

Have fun with your marketing. All too often I see agents who are in ‘stealth' mode -- always at the office or behind the phone. Get out there in your community! Host some workshops, make it a point to add one new contact a day as you are out and about, and be sure to bookmark our Master Marketing Schedule page for really creative and interesting ways to make the people in your sphere and farm sit up and take notice!

3. Following up.

Your collateral marketing tools are just a part of the equation. If you're not taking the time to follow up with your sphere at least every three months, you're missing valuable REFERRALS and NEW BUSINESS. Savvy agents also take the time to walk their farm areas at least twice a year by themselves or with a team or host events or workshops in those areas so that they can put faces with names and get to meet the people in the communities they service.

As we head into the summer months, it's sometimes easy to let these key success factors slide. The magic is in your calendar. Block your time effectively to ensure that ‘all work and no play' is never the case, and you are making time to stay ahead of the game in terms of marketing while still taking valuable time out to enjoy family and friends!

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