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Become The Real Estate Agent of Choice For Prospective Homebuyers

Written by Realty Times Staff Posted On Tuesday, 30 June 2015 19:29

Being a convenient and efficient real estate agent is a critical part of staying competitive in the industry. There are a lot of agents out there your clients could use instead of you — in fact, The National Associaiton of REALTORS® reports there are currently more than one million member realtors across 1,341 local associations. If you want to win clients over, you need to make their experience easy and pleasant. The following tips will help you become the most convenient and reliable agent in your area.

Pick up the Phone

Return client calls as quickly as possible. People who are in the market for a new home are going through a stressful time, and if they can't get a hold of you, they will abandon you for someone they can reach. Make contact with your clients a priority.

Staying in contact is about more than just answering the phone, though; you must be just as quick with email, text and any other means of communication your client chooses to use. If they want to use Skype, get Skype — in fact, those dealing with clients from out of state or country should be using Skype to keep that face-to-face interaction going over a great distance.

Chauffeur Convenience

Not all your clients are going to be able to drive from location to location looking at homes, and you should be able to drive them. In the long run, having a larger vehicle like an SUV is handy for you as an agent, because you can easily and comfortably shuttle prospective home buyers from location to location. Those in the market for this form of convenience should visit DriveTime and look for a deal on a used SUV in good condition that can serve as the work car. Having a car large enough for your clients to share a back seat comfortably also gives them a sense of privacy, which many first time home owners desperately need when discussing their future, their dreams and their misgivings about a property.

One final advantage of playing the role of chauffeur to your clients is that it is easier to keep them there, engaged in the prospect of buying a house with you — after all, you're the one with the car!

Know the Neighborhood

Neighborhoods should be one of your most important collections of knowledge. From where you are standing on a property, you should always be able to point to where the nearest cultural and educational sites are, as well as the best restaurants and social spots. In many cases, your clients are going to be totally unfamiliar with a neighborhood and your job is to make them feel at home without them having to do any work at all. If they have to ask around and cruise the neighborhood to see if there is a grocery store within a couple blocks, than you have failed to provide them with the convenience that another agent surely could. Spend your time in the neighborhoods you work in and get to know them personally — your clients will not forget it.

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