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The Rewards of Having Indispensable Online Partner

Written by Lewis Fein Posted On Thursday, 15 October 2015 16:09

As real estate agents become more technologically literate, which is a matter of necessity (never mind the benefits that accrue from maximizing the power of technology), these individuals will have a better sense of how to find the right partner for everything from web hosting and domain names to virtual and dedicated servers to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.

These professionals will be able to identify a firm that mirrors each broker's commitment to personalized service, professional accountability and collective responsibility. 

Put another way, what the best real estate agents do on behalf of their respective buyers and sellers – the intelligence and insight they apply for the good of their industry – is now available for the technological advancement of this business as a whole.

On a practical level, this description translates into mutual appreciation for principles like integrity, character, decency and an unyielding dedication to excellence.

These ideals coincide with, and symbolize the success of,, an independent provider of the services referenced at the beginning of this piece.

First, a point of qualification: I am not an employee of, or a consultant to, My emphasis on their achievements, along with the complementary relationship between their goals and the plans of various real estate agents, proves that other companies – particularly those without a formal connection to any one specific business – can nonetheless have the same values.

Secondly, it is the transcendent quality of these values, which include a strong record in defense of clarity of communication and an equally impressive embrace of protecting privacy and ensuring data security, that unite entrepreneurs and executives from a multitude of industries at home and abroad.

Think of as a metaphor for these uncommon (concerning, sadly, the competition) virtues, and as an example of how real estate agents can expand their influence and increase their visibility online.

These attributes, with their focus on the creation of a seemingly perpetual presence online, require a digital backbone of resilience, flexibility and proven durability.

There must be trust between real estate professionals and technology experts, once the former can verify the credibility of the latter. 

Indeed, to borrow a phrase from the concluding chapters of the Cold War, it is essential to "Trust, but verify," so both parties can agree, upon having done additional research to substantiate the legitimacy of their needs and services, to join this compact of success.

A Final Takeaway Theme: It Serves to Be of Service

If the lessons of teach us anything, and they do, in fact, educate us about a great many things, the takeaway theme is this: It serves to be of service.

It pays to put customers first because they can be your most impassioned champions for referrals, or your most disenchanted source of frustration and complications.

The customer has a right to enjoy personalized attention, responsive and courteous service, and a feeling of gratitude from a vendor.

That last point is critical because, given the cold and detached nature of technology, it requires a human touch -- there must be a voice, humane in its sound and reassuring in its message, from customer support – that brings warmth and intimacy to these offerings.

That element is the difference between the merely adequate and the unparalleled precincts of excellence, between the acceptable and the exceptional; it is the willingness to do more, without compromising quality or affordability, for the advancement of all.

It is the story of the real estate industry, and the ethos of

It is a tale worth telling because it is a narrative worth repeating, now and forevermore.

Lewis Fein is an independent marketing and media relations consultant, based in Southern California. You may reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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