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Win At The 'Contact Sport' of Real Estate Sales

Written by Realty Times Staff Posted On Thursday, 05 May 2016 20:29

Real Estate sales has always been, and always will be, a contact sport. While you won't have to break out your helmet and shoulder pads just yet (unless you're dealing with one of those clients), reports have shown it can take as many as 25-30 contacts with a lead before that lead turns into a sale.

Not only is this difficult for you -- the process of purchasing a home can also be a long and challenging road for your clients. So being in constant contact with them is a great way to maximize your chances of closing with a sale and a happy client.

Since you are only one person, this responsibility can seem overwhelming. But using the proper approaches and technology along the way can help ease the burden, and make the sales process much easier for both you and your buyers.

Be "virtually" everywhere

One of the easiest ways to stay "top of mind" with your clients is to be seen in multiple places. Thanks to technology, you don't have to physically be everywhere; instead, you can leverage the Internet to constantly be seen around the virtual online communities your customers hang out in.

Best practices include posting several social media updates each week to engage your clients and keep your name in front of them. These posts can include your newest listings, online search tools, information about neighborhoods and schools in your city, and simple tips to help buyers locate their best potential new home.

Automated emails & newsletters

Another great way to stay in front of your clients virtually is to create automated emails and e-newsletters. This is easy to do using a simple email platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Most contact management systems even have templates that make this process as easy as "plug and play" so you don't have to be a computer genius to put these systems in place.

By loading your client list into one of these systems, you can create automated campaigns to move them through the buying process, and ultimately end up with a sale, all with minimal effort on your part.

Increasing contact frequency

Once you've created your automated processes, the next step is to increase frequency and get more personal when you see signs that clients are getting closer to pulling the trigger on their new home purchase.

With social media posts and automated emails or e-newsletters, you will see more interaction from specific clients as they become serious about buying. When this happens, you may want to turn off any automated communication you have with them, and be more available to personal and one-on-one communication, like phone calls or in-person meetings.

Make virtual contact even more effective with ScoreApprove

One technology tool that makes all of the above strategies more effective, efficient and powerful is ScoreApprove -- a Real Estate sales tool unlike any other.

ScoreApprove helps you identify qualified clients immediately with a home financing assessment. It also follows up with them for you, so you won't lose track of your best potential leads.

By simply sending clients an email with a link to a 60-second questionnaire, you'll be able to see a client's credit grade, as well as the maximum amount they'll be able to finance for their new home.

Best of all, the questionnaire is a great way to supplement your homebuyer's questionnaire and needs assessment. You'll have a steady stream of qualified leads that will continue to help you generate sales. And ScoreApprove is 100% free for real estate agents to use!

Click Here and find out more about how ScoreApprove can help you close more sales starting today.
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