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Exchange of Commitments - Exclusivity

Written by on Thursday, 10 May 2012 7:00 pm

A Champion Agent commits themselves to a high service standard. That service standard is communicated clearly to the prospect buyer. The only way a prospect can receive that high level of service is to work on an exclusive basis, forgoing all other previous, potential, and possible relationships with other agents. We are, in effect, entering into a covenant relationship with a client. We need to explain the scope of that commitment-based relationship. The prospect clearly needs to understand the expectations that you have of their conduct and the benefits of exclusivity.

"I don't work with everybody."

The public's perception is that real estate agents will work with anyone; that they are just hoping to sell a house, so consumers can use them and abuse them. Because the perceived value of our services is low, they don't feel the need to work exclusively, and most agents won't ask for that level of commitment.

The potential buyer needs to understand and accept that you operate an exclusive practice; that you can't and don't work with anyone and everyone who walks in the door, calls you, or even is referred to you. For some reason, because someone is referred to us, we often feel an obligation to work with him or her. What if they don't meet your standards? Are you still obligated? When you know that the fit isn't right, and they are unrealistic and uncooperative, are you still obligated to service them because it was a referral? If you really don't work with everybody then it shouldn't matter, even if the person comes via referral. If they are non-qualified; they are non-qualified.

You must convey the message that you select the clients you want to work with. It's the only way you are able to deliver such a high level of service and have such high satisfaction numbers. Demonstrate to them that the only way they will receive all of the services they want is through exclusivity. You won't be able to provide those without this exclusive focus. The benefit to them is it doesn't cost more to receive all of these benefits and high service level. The only way you can follow through on all of the services and commitments you make to them is to work with a small group of clients, rather than a larger group of people. In the end, you have to explain that, because you work with this smaller group, you need to ensure that they are committed to working with you and buying a home through you.

"Bob and Susan, I want you to know that I don't work with everyone who calls or even with everyone I meet with. To be able to provide the services I do, and that you indicated you want, I have to choose my clients. The big benefit for my clients in this approach allows me a greater amount of time to invest in my client's total satisfaction. My clients end up securing the best homes in the marketplace at the best values in the marketplace. In the end, by working this way, the client saves time, frustration, even money and especially stress because I am able to give them the attention they deserve. Based on our discussion this far, do you see the benefit in that?"
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