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Pressure Proofing Your Business

Written by on Tuesday, 21 February 2012 6:00 pm

We are all under the gun every day in real estate sales. Most of us get up every morning unemployed. We need to go out and find a person to buy and sell with everyday. How do we “pressure proof” our business? We must put ourselves in the position where we are always winning. When we are on a listing appointment, and we are struggling with the seller, we must believe they will sign the listing before we leave. We must know during our prospecting block that we will turn up a new listing or new buyer every day. Let me share with you a few ideas to make your business “pressure proof” and successful daily.

1. Trust Your Skills and Abilities

We all go through droughts or slumps in our business. I see Agents who close big volume who stop cheering themselves on if they have not listed a home in a week. They start to doubt their abilities. They start to make dramatic changes in a panic. You have cultivated certain skills and abilities that work for you. Just because they did not work today or this week does not mean you should make wholesale changes. You should not give up on what brought you to the dance. People have a tendency to change course too often in life. Set a solid course and trust in your skills and abilities.

2. Gain Greater Trust Through Practice

In my twenties, I competed in racquetball professionally all over the United States. When I was having problems with my passing shots, I didn’t give up. I would practice for hours hitting thousands of passing shots to every corner of the court. A few weeks later, I would be competing in a match, and the shot I had been practicing could win a point. I was on autopilot and would hit the shot for a win. The hours of practice allowed me to be “pressure proof” during the game. All good athletes know about this skill.

What if we applied this concept in real estate? What if we practiced game type situations? If we practiced the listing presentation daily, or we role-played objections that regularly came from buyers and sellers, would that lead us to “pressure proof” our business? Wouldn’t it be nice having the response come out on autopilot for almost every situation? What would that skill do for the trust you have in yourself? Your performance would increase, as would your results.

3. We Need to have “Positive Addiction”

Psychology expert, William Glasen, had a concept called “Positive Addiction”. The concept was simply that the mind can become addicted to positive action and positive results. As an example, you can become positively addicted to running, working out, learning, reading, writing, or anything you do well.

His theory was when you do something well, and you enjoy doing it, you will experience a rush of endorphins in your body - the same kind of endorphin rush we have all heard about as a “runner’s high”. The endorphins in your brain create a feeling of well-being and happiness. Then your mind remembers this elevated state and motivates you to repeat the activities that gave you that feeling of well-being.

We truly can become addicted to taking listings, selling homes, prospecting, etc., etc. As long as your mind associates something you do well and enjoy doing with the endorphin rush, it will try to create the circumstances or activities with regularity. You truly can become addicted to positive, constructive activities. That certainly would be a valuable addiction to have.

To enhance that addiction, you need to develop a greater trust through practice. The practice phase leads to the other successes. Practice will help you gain greater trust even during a slump. You can achieve what you desire - just trust in yourself. Develop the “Positive Addiction” to success today.

Practice the skills you need to succeed daily. Doing so will lead you to being “Pressure Proof” in a very short time.

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