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Agents: Cultivating Your Community

Written by Carla Hill on Sunday, 15 January 2012 6:00 pm

Developing a strong and stable real estate business in any area means cultivating your community. As an agent, you are the gateway new homes and new lives. You are also trusted to navigate what will be one of the most financially intensive episodes of your clients' lives.

How can go about letting your community know that you are a sincere and trustworthy ally? It starts with a sincere and trusted interest in your area, region, or town.

You must become part of more than just the real estate industry of your community. You need to develop relationships and interests in other areas. Can you support local non-profit groups with your time and donations? Does the local high school need activity advisors or debate judges? Are you well-equipped to deal with city council matters?

Pick some areas of civic activity that are of true concern or interest to you. You might want to try out several volunteer activities before you settle on one or two that are the best fit. For example, you might consider volunteering your time at the local soup kitchen or pet shelter. Maybe you'd prefer to help organize funding raising events or serve on a board.

Next, be sure to keep a tab on the pulse of your community's decision makers. Have contacts at the city offices and homeowners associations. Your customers rely on you to be their liason on the latest developments and how they could affect their sale or purchase.

Being out in the community brings two-fold benefits. First, you are helping those in need and helping create a cohesive community. Next, you are gaining exposure for yourself, which in real estate if what business is all about. You are your business. The more you network the more likely you'll find sellers and buyers. Having a positive image can only enhance this.

To take full advantage of this fact, you need to be sure that your name and company are visible. You should have a website that is search engine optimized. Be sure to update it regularly and have easy to use and find information. Don't make people sign up to see listings!

A website is just the beginning, though. You need lots of face time exposure. This means being sure to have signage at your office, professional for sale signs for listings, monthly newsletter mailings, and make a habit of sending thank-you cards to clients.

Being an integral part of your local community is rewarding. Try becoming more involved today and see how your business grows!

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