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Agents: Buildinig Interactivity With The Customer On Your Website

Written by on Thursday, 16 January 2014 1:18 pm

The goal of your website should be to interact with the customer and have them leave a trail. You also want them to come back to your site again and again. They become more valuable with each return visit. It also increases the odds that they will leave a more recognizable trail.

Get them to take information that is valuable by offering free reports. Give them access to information like "The 10 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a Home". This is a report that lists out the mistakes and solutions for solving them. Someone who pulls that type of a report is at least considering a sale. Another example of a report could be "How to Guarantee You Get Your Home Sold and for the Highest Price Possible!" A report like this would lead them through the steps to ensure the sale, as well as top dollar sales price. This type of provocative title peaks interest and causes action in people who are considering a change in their housing. There are similar reports on the buyer’s side as well.

We are trying to get people to raise their hand, even if they are unsure and are just starting the process. We are trying to generate a volume of leads at this point. Free reports are a good first point of contact. There are thousands of them already produced, so don’t sit down to write them. They are easy to get through most direct marketing companies.

Newsletters are also a very effective means of communication. There is immense power in a list of e-mail names that read your material regularly. Your job is to provide them value in that newsletter. I would encourage you to do a newsletter monthly. Start with a generic version or template version.

One of the reasons agents don’t produce a newsletter is their ego wants to write the material personally. They want it to be unique and original. I understand that. I write all the material in my "Coach’s Corner" newsletter. It’s no more effort today to send it to 200,000+ subscribers than it was when we had 5,000 subscribers. It’s the same amount of work to write, edit, and do the layout as before. The resulting sales and exposure, however, are much better now. It’s part of my job to create intellectual property; you don’t need to.

The ability to consistently communicate with an audience is extremely valuable. Some of my marketing results come from the consistency of the message delivery, as well as the message that is delivered. It’s easier for an agent to be consistent if they start with a template newsletter.

Test it out; evaluate how much or how little work it is, and see if your people like it and read it. Then work up to a hybrid or combination newsletter, where there is some of your material and some that is from a template. If that goes well, create your own newsletter. Don’t go all out with a custom, created from scratch, newsletter from the onset.

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