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Sell During the Holiday Season

Written by Carla Hill on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 6:00 pm

Can an agent sell homes during the peak of the holiday season or does business come to a stand still? Thanksgiving to New Year are busy times in the lives of households across the nation. This can create a series of obstacles for even the most seasoned agent.  

For many families this time of year means travel, visitors, and a house full of children home on break. Looking to buy or sell can be the last thing on the minds of busy parents.  

In order to facilitate a sale it's important that you focus on several key factors.  

  • Be available. Clients may find windows of opportunity between work parties and family dinners to go on showings. Let clients know that even when they can't reach you immediately by phone, you are available by text, email, and that you will return calls promptly.  

  • Be flexible. Does a client need to bring their young children to a meeting or showing? Offer up an assistant as a temporary baby-sitter or make the showing a fun time for everyone involved. Be flexible about when and where a client needs to meet during the holidays. They're making time for you. Make time for them.  

  • Create a media presence. The holiday season can be a great time to remind past and present clients that you are their real estate agent of choice. Send out a newsletter or holiday greeting card. Email current clients with the newest listings on the MLS. Keep interest peaked.  

  • Emphasize the great deals. Let your clients know that there are great deals to be had. Highlight recently listed homes, drops in pricing, and local market statistics.  

  • Give back to the community. Work your way into some good karma by volunteering at the soup kitchen, helping your local Habitat for Humanity, donating toys, or putting efforts into any other worthy cause. It might not bring you sales, but it's a wonderful way to spend your time this season.  

  • Find balance between your own family time and work. Keeping balance will make you a better agent and a more pleasant member of your own household. You'll have more energy to devote to each task at hand.  

    You can make the holiday season work for your business. It's all about working with your clients' hectic schedules. Gently remind them that you're available and of what homes and incentives are offered this time of year.

    Lastly, happy holidays!

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