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A Conversation About QR Codes

Written by Julie Escobar on Sunday, 12 May 2013 7:00 pm

Helping Agents Connect the Dots

Our world gets smaller and smaller every day I think thanks to not only technology, but expansive thinking and creative minds as well. Look at where we've come even in the last two years. Smart phones opening lock boxes, agents selling real estate internationally, social media blazing new trails and new tools that make communicating, and more importantly CONNECTING faster, easier and more customized.

Take the QR code. Those funny little square filled with dots and lines that seem to magically create the bridge between printed pieces to online access wherever you want people to go. And awesome new apps such as RedLaser.comthat make them even MORE of a conversation starter.

So what's an agent to do with these cool tool?Well, as with anything else - you are only limited by your imagination - but here are a few ideas I wanted to share.

Put Them On Your Business Card. This is kind of a given right - but here's a twist…you can create what's called a VCard QR Code- which is basically a way to add your contact information into someone's app phone with the click of a button. Simple. Smart. Effective. But what about taking it a step further?

What if you created a landing page (be sure it's mobile friendly) that had some direct response offers and a cool video that instantly engaged people.

Think, "Hey there! Thanks for taking a minute to scan my QR code! Isn't it great how many new ways we can communicate in today's world? My name is _____ and I specialize in bringing the best in the business real estate solutions and answers to our community here in ______________. I love this area and one of the coolest things about it is the people and I'm really glad I got to connect with you too! I invite you to bookmark this page and come back often! I'm always sharing new information! Be sure to click through now and download your free copy of (list of homes, coupon for a CMA, eNewsletter, free reports for buyers or sellers, list of resources, etc.)!"

You can add links to YouTube videos about your market area, moving tips, mortgage calculators, etc. People are hungry for trusted resources and information in today's world - be the agent that delivers those things consistently, and you'll win their loyalty and business. (If you need help making videos - be sure to reference the interview I did recently with one of my favorite video experts, Michael Krisa! Click here to read …) Want to see what other agents are using for QR Code business cards? Click here!

Teach People Something. There are lots of QR Code readers out there and apps by the dozen you can download. I thought was kind of interesting in that it's more than a qr code app - it's a barcode scanner as well. Consumers can use it to price comparison shop in your area, buy online directly, check for area alerts, and more. What a cool conversation starter when you are speaking to potential prospects - "Here, let me share with you WHAT ELSE you can do with this…now be sure to stay connected with me - and I'll be sure to keep finding new ways to make your life easier! And of COURSE if you or anyone you know has questions or real estate needs - know that I'm here for you!"

Experiment. One of the best things you can do for your marketing is to try new things. Agents are using QR codes on their newsletters , Just Listed/Sold postcards , on their cars, door hangers , on the flyersat their open houses, yard signs, I've even seen them on cupcakes that an agent had delivered to a few corporate offices around town! (CLEVER!)

The sky's the limit on what you can do. Get creative - when you do you'll get NOTICED. And when you do that - you get REFERRALS. And you'll connect with some pretty cool people along the way.

Good luck!

And if you need some help, call our team at 866.405.3638. They're experts at helping agents make the most of their marketing.

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