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Why Direct Mail In a Digital World?

Written by Julie Escobar on Sunday, 07 April 2013 7:00 pm

Six Powerful Reasons to Put Mail Into Your Spring Marketing Plan

Digital world? Well, yes, but we're also a world of people who still appreciate personal touches, tangible visibility and human interaction. Today, people still appreciate getting their mail every day, sorting through it the day it's delivered looking for the good stuff (letters, cards, positive messages, and special offers) - anything other than those bills-right?

And the truth is - there's a lot more real estate in that mail box these days with most folks leaning on email and hoping to make it through spam filters. While email is a great piece of the marketing puzzle, don't discount the power of putting something into the hands of the folks in the market area you wish to dominate.

Here are six reasons it's not only relevant - but results-producing!

  1. It's targeted. Advertising is one means of reaching out to consumers in your market, but it's expensive and casts a wide, but not specific net. With direct mail you can match your marketing pieces specifically to your market or niche -dramatically increasing your response rates.


  2. It's personal.Direct mail is your canvas. You can address your customer by name, share specific offers, communicate information that's specific to your area, and begin to create a top-of-mind awareness and trust.


  3. It's flexible.From postcards to flyers to letters to brochures, your direct mail options are extensive. Add direct response offers and timely information and you again increase your response rates. Some agents wisely choose a campaign with similar branding to send month after month or quarter after quarter that helps consumers develop a recognition of their brand more easily. Others mix and match their marketing messages - preferring to keep consumers alert and eager to see “what they'll send next!”


  4. It's tangible. The truth is, as human beings we're tactile people. Engaging different senses is just smart business. If I get a message from a professional I touch via email for example, it registers in the moment - but not necessarily long term. If I get a message that's directed to me and offers something of importance to me and my family and I can feel it, touch it, put it on the refrigerator or tack it to my bulletin board, etc. - then that message has a much longer shelf life-right? And a better chance of getting a response - not just once but again and again.


  5. It's measurable.Direct mail is one of the few media channels that give you the ability to track your success. Use a QR code or make a specific offer on a direct response piece and keep tabs on how many people click or call on that offer. Adjust future mailings based on that response rate. I always recommend making a direct response offer on every piece of direct mail as opposed to just a generic, 'here I am' type mailing. Give people valuable reasons to reach out to you and they will!


  6. Direct mail doesn't have to mean big bucks. Now with Every Door Direct Mail costs are low and market saturation is high. One of the things our customers appreciate most about our services in fact is that we do have the ability to provide short-run orders at extremely affordable rates unlike big mail houses which require you to order thousands at a time. Not sure what pieces will work best with your budget? Give us a call-our team is terrific about helping agents match their marketing to their market as well as their budgets!

Hope that gives you some insights into why direct mail is on so many agents to-do list this spring! If you need help finding the right pieces for you at the right prices-we've got you covered. Call our marketing team at 866.405.3638 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn how we can get your production hopping this next quarter in a very budget friendly way!

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