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Increasing Your Online Presence in Real Estate

Written by Dale Rennie on Thursday, 13 December 2012 6:00 pm

With the new year approaching, real estate professionals have a number of resolutions -- chief among them, increasing their visibility online, collecting Facebook "Likes" for their work, trying to figure out other ways to exploit this medium and making better use QR marketing codes. Combining these forces may be the best way - and the most economical means - of increasing sales, developing word-of-mouth marketing and transforming the real estate profession as a whole.

Right now, agents and brokers should make an additional resolution: to move beyond traditional print advertising, radio spots and TV commercials, online promotion and mobile communications. For, without a comprehensive marketing strategy, one that transforms the way people use QR codes, 2013 will be no different than 2012. The new year demands a solution that does substantially more than referring the 'scanner' of a real estate QR code to a website.

We predict QR codes will be used to instantly gather names and email addresses of every person who scans a specific code, while add Facebook 'Likes' - and this part is particularly significant, the proverbial Big One - enabling your clients yo help promote you and your properties on Facebook via a 'Share'.

This collection of information can be part of a secure, proprietary database; in turn, brokers and agents can leverage this content, where they automatically generate "Likes" on their companies' Facebook pages. This phenomenon is essential to credibility within the world of social media, which, thanks to a patent-pending application called GrapevineQR ViralTM, even delivers client-driven posts on a real estate agent's Facebook wall, which that agent automatically shares with all of his or her Facebook friends.

Friends of that client can also scan the GrapevineQRTM code, beginning the process all over again. That one scan - a fast and simple action - can be the foundation of a viral, online marketing campaign. Put another way, this description is a summons to make 2013 a year of success for residential and commercial brokers alike, a chance to reinvigorate the real estate industry as a whole.

Think of this pledge as a smart and affordable way to generate increased exposure, a blueprint to start 2013 with a new approach to QR marketing. A quick review of the possibilities - and there are many - confirms that a potential buyer may scan a broker's GrapevineQRTM code on a diverse array of venues such as: online ads, websites, print media, message boards (for properties for sale or lease), enabling GrapevineQRTM to gather and secure that prospective client's information for other promotional efforts.

The subsequent series of events, which follow from the above scenario, are the basis for a viral marketing phenomenon. And, in an economy still beset by challenges and countless foreclosures, every real estate professional needs a chance to have the best sales-generating resource for the collection - and effective marketing - of leads. That statement is true for any environment, but has added urgency for 2013 and the fiscal problems that confront the United States as a whole.

Coming back to ways GrapevinQRTM can improve this situation, think of how this patent-pending QR technology can - and is - more practical than all of the hit-or-miss tactics from 2012. For example: a person may see a particular offer about a complimentary home inspection or appraisal, or a vendor offering a special discount, and, upon scanning the QR code, this potential client provides his or her email address and name. That individual then receives a request to 'Like' the Facebook page from the broker who ran the promotion.

By sharing that information on his or her Facebook page, that person's friends can also (if they choose) accept the offer - thus initiating a viral marketing campaign with exponential growth opportunities. Keep in mind the average amount of friends that one has on Facebook is approximately 230 per account. That means each scan brings 230 free advertisements for your offer. And if one of those 'friends' scans the offer; then entire process starts up again.

All of these factors are an intelligent way to leverage the power of Facebook 'Likes,' which act as personal endorsements and attract attention from the people who most respect your opinion. For, among friends, family and close colleagues - among the individuals who follow your activity on Facebook - a 'Like' is an invitation to learn more about a featured business, product or service. That recommendation has significant value, which is a testament to a real estate professional's credibility or influence. And remember, every ounce of recognition matters - and will matter - in 2013.

These suggestions are an intelligent and quantifiable way to more successfully use QR codes, which have the power to help real estate agents and brokers nationwide. This proposal for 2013 is a chance to start the year with renewed purpose, confidence and worthwhile material. That formula is bright sign for professionals who want to transcend conventional - and expensive - marketing tactics for something new, something better. Now these individuals have cause for celebration. Let us make 2013 a year of great accomplishment.

Dale Rennie, the Founder and CEO of OMS Asia , an innovative leader in the field of digital marketing, brand promotion and software application. His latest endeavor, GrapevineQR TM, is a dynamic solution which transforms the use of QR codes into successful campaigns - for clients in a variety of industries - on Facebook and elsewhere.
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