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Family-Friendly Marketing

Written by on Sunday, 28 October 2012 7:00 pm

The tiniest members of today's families can weigh-in big when it comes to buying a house. Families must consider more than just square footage and designer decor. A family home requires room to grow and so much more.

How do you go about marketing to families? The key is to market not just the home, but also the surrounding community. When a family buys a house, they are buying a certain type of life. Here are five tips for tailoring your marketing plan to buyers with kids.

1. Nearby parks: Parents want to know the low-down on area parks and green space, especially if they're new to the area. Which parks are the cleanest? Which have tennis courts? Which are toddler-friendly? Prepare for showings by creating area park maps. If your buyers have time, take them on a quick tour of area green spaces. They may fall in love with these spots as much as their prospective neighborhood!

2. Schools: Save your clients the legwork and have information readily available about area schools. Know where district lines are drawn. Compile facts on graduation rates, average test scores, awards, and even sports programs. Extend your list past just elementary and high schools. Be sure to include stats and contact information for pre-schools, daycares, and even junior colleges and universities.

3. Sports Leagues: A savvy marketer will prepare contact information for area sports teams, adult and child. Do teams or recreation centers have websites your clients could visit on their own time? Consider creating a page full of useful links on your website where you can direct clients.

4. Crime rates: Some neighborhoods and areas have lower crime rates. Families want to know that their children will be safe walking to school and playing outside. Including low crime rate statistics with marketing information can be just enough to tip the scale in favor of a home.

5. Family Affair: Last, consider making a showing a family affair. This is especially important for families with teenagers. If you can get a teen or tween to fall in love with a house, you've just made a very vocal member of the family happy. Find out their interests and showcase areas of the home that might make good dance studios, music rooms, media rooms or craft spaces.

The idea is to have detailed research done ahead of time. Let your client see the whole picture of a home, not just how many bedrooms it has. You aren't just selling a home to mom and dad. You're selling a lifestyle that a whole family will live.

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