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Has Your Firm Considered A Information Technology Consultant?

Written by Kirill Bensonoff on Tuesday, 05 June 2012 7:00 pm

In the real estate industry, information technology ("IT") is an essential foundation for business success. This rule applies to both commercial and residential projects, where there are a number of technical issues at play: from the use of enterprise-level software to customized projects (which require the expertise of distinguished professionals) to improved management of various properties, IT is now a major force - for increased savings and efficiency - for building owners and managers.

As these demands grow, there will be a corresponding spike in the need to work with consultants who understand the specific interests (and challenges) associated with the real estate industry. Which also means the cities where real estate construction is a significant factor - places like Boston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Miami - will require more input from IT executives and staff. In this environment, in a situation where all facets of IT (including email, automating data, cloud computing and budgeting) will influence the way real estate companies do business, IT consultants will be a critical factor.

These responsibilities also demand a level of accessibility different than traditional forms of IT outsourcing. Meaning: these assignments cannot be sent to anonymous "consultants" in developing countries, where there are language barriers and little or no familiarity with the specific requirements associated with residential and commercial real estate. In fact, as these projects become more complex - and IT is now a major undertaking for businesses with investments in the real estate industry - quality will be the highest priority. The same principle is true for service: that you cannot outsource a commitment to service, that some face-to-face meetings and rapport with clients cannot be sent to a call center in a foreign country.

Also, many real estate companies now rely on IT as a form of business development. For example: IT is all about the union between information (the sorting of data into intelligible content) and technology (the tools that provide the real time answers clients want), so this investment transcends a single project or a one-time use of funds. Rather, successful real estate companies use IT to strengthen management and achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Along with a suite of services, including disaster recovery, on-demand IT support, Voice over IP and other customized options, the real estate industry is far more than the sum total of listings and completed transaction. The very existence of these services - the fact that companies need these offerings - proves IT is crucial for commercial and residential owners. But no two IT providers are the same, nor is IT an exportable commodity that any firm can handle.

All of these developments lead to one conclusion: that only the most accomplished IT firms can - and should - accept these tasks. Only firms with an understanding of the way the real estate industry operates should approach these duties. And finally, only consultants with a firm basis in the cities where prospective clients do business should take these projects. The alternative, which involves outsourcing these responsibilities and thus sacrificing quality for the false allure of "savings," is a blueprint for failure.

With these recommendations at our disposal, let us forward towards renewed purpose and success. The real estate industry deserves the best we can offer. That pledge is one we must honor.

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of , Kirill Bensonoff combines technical insight with an innovative approach to information technology. This union offers guidance and consistent results for businesses in a variety of industries, backed by Kirill's belief in the power of exceptional service. Concerning this latter point, the importance of exceeding industry standards and honoring the specific needs of each client, Kirill is a true leader: he understands that the world of IT - providing customers with the applications and services (consulting, networking, security, application support and cloud computing) they need, whenever or wherever they want it - is more than the delivery of a one-time project or the completion of a typical assignment. Rather, IT is part of a long-term relationship between highly qualified consultants and satisfied clients.

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