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Agents: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Mobile Browser?

Written by Jeff Chen - Opinion & Commentary on Monday, 12 March 2012 7:00 pm

For real estate professionals, mobile communications are an essential part of doing business. More to the point, brokers and agents use their cell phones and Android tablets to get information about listings, offers, escrow and other valuable industry data. Rather than retrieve this content from their desktop computers, agents can have all of this material at their immediate disposal while also touring a property or meeting with clients. The key to making these things work smoothly rests with having the right mobile browser. But, and this point bears repeating (as I have made a similar argument for users of desktop PCs), not all browsers are the same: real estate agents need to know they can access the web - and protect their privacy - with absolute convenience and reliability.

First, speed is essential for a mobile browser. That rule has added importance in the real estate industry, where brokers need to quickly download images and text (along with pricing) for a variety of properties, from residential homes to multi-family buildings to commercial investments. Performing these tasks on a smart phone or tablet requires a browser able to handle these tasks.

Second, brokers need a mobile browser that can easily capture screenshots and other rich photos. After all, real estate is a visual medium; and brokers should have the tools â at their fingertips â to grab images of an entire webpage (or selected photos of a specific property) and send those files to individual clients.

Third, security is an absolute necessity. With countless stories about phone hacking scandals and stolen personal data, it is all too easy for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands or enter the public domain. This warning resonates among many brokers, particularly those with elite clientele who value their privacy and want to maintain the utmost discretion when looking at several properties.

Fourth, a mobile browser should be easy to use. Meaning: there should be quick access to links, top sites, add-ons and most frequently visited pages. The ability to customize these links is essential, since brokers often reference content that pertains to their industry or company, and retrieving this material â with maximum speed â can mean the difference between closing a sale and losing a deal.

And finally, brokers know that (browser) power equals prosperity. That is, a browser must conserve energy, stop unnecessary background processes and preserve bandwidth. Concerning the latter, brokers are often on-site and need to quickly download content about featured properties, which makes this feature is a requirement. The point is, therefore, obvious: that brokers rely on their mobile devices for up-to-the-minute information, client correspondence and financial news.

These events are a reminder that the real estate industry is dynamic and dependent on innovative technology. Within the field of mobile communications, there is cause for optimism and continued growth. Nowhere is this news more promising than among the brokers who use their mobile phones and tablets to conduct business and work with existing clients. In this respect, having the right browser spells opportunity and success.

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