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Attract Retail Tenants and Buyers With Superior IT Services

Written by Paul Dorian - Opinion & Commentary on Monday, 27 February 2012 6:00 pm

In this economy, real estate owners and executives need ways to more effectively attract retail tenants and buyers. While debates abound concerning various incentives - including price, square footage, parking and the always important mantra about location - there is another means of achieving this result: IT services that cover the proverbial "last mile," those features which are the difference between a retailer choosing one space over another, and opening on time and on budget. Think of this suggestion as a strategy to generate goodwill between landlords and tenants, improve the way commercial properties are marketed and jumpstart a valuable conversation about technology. In fact, the IT component - having an accessible group of experienced professionals who can ready a space for retailers - is absolutely critical.

Without these advantages - without the enterprise-level planning and knowledge of these IT consultants - a tenant will lose precious time, experience cost overruns and miss - by weeks or even months - an anticipated debut. Those consequences further come at the expense of a retailer's credibility, something that is difficult if not impossible to restore, while commercial property owners also suffer blowback from these events. Simply stated, everyone loses.

In contrast, a suite of IT services is a powerful way for landlords to improve this environment. For example: if a retailer wants to lease a specific space - imagine a top clothier in Beverly Hills or a famed club owner in New York City, or any number of conventional tenants throughout the country - there must be a solid foundation of IT services so these businesses can operate successfully. But, and this observation is not a criticism of either landlords or prospective tenants, people often forget to ask about - they may be unaware of the necessity involving - whether there are any existing IT services (and the consultants to support these services) in place. More importantly, landlords need to offer these services -- and they need to emphasize the value of these services as the make-or-break factor between selecting one property over another.

By also highlighting the fact the IT consultants are available to oversee these projects - outsourcing these assignments to companies overseas is neither wise nor affordable - commercial property owners can gain added respect for their insight, since prospective tenants will appreciate this advice. And that advice is simple but profound: that you, as a retailer or entrepreneur, cannot succeed without IT services. For commercial real estate is more than an exercise in buying and selling buildings, or being a passive recorder of trends (both upwards and downwards) that are seemingly beyond our control.

If a landlord provides certain services (cabling, full Internet connectivity and oversight from IT professionals) tenants can move into a building quickly -- and without any major problems. In fact, the chief problem for tenants who need space in a hurry - pop-up stores are a good illustration of this phenomenon - rests with buildings that are not functional. Meaning: these properties cannot install phones, broadband, cabling and IT setup in a manner of days, leaving prospective tenants looking elsewhere for landlords who can - and will - accommodate these needs.

The only way to change this situation is with the counsel of IT consultants who can advise landlords about these steps. With this help, and with buildings properly outfitted to meet the needs of businesses in a modern economy, everyone can succeed. That blueprint is a model worth following.

Paul Dorian
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
2011 UIS Technology Partners

Paul is technically skilled at design, implementation, and management of all aspects of IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, security, cabling, and software across all industries.  Paul has extensive experience in business startups, financial applications, e-commerce, process improvement, and non-profit management.  As the CEO of UIS Technology Partners , Paul’s knowledge enables our team to deliver the kind of innovative leadership that keeps UIS on the leading-edge as a full-service IT provider.

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