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Agents: Etiquette of Blogging

Written by Carla Hill on Monday, 27 February 2012 6:00 pm

Blogging has turned into not only an art form in today's tech savvy world, but a platform for building your business. Are you practicing good etiquette with your blog?

  A blog can be a wonderful vehicle for gaining internet exposure for your real estate company. You can keep past clients up to date on the latest news and even help current clients find the home of their dreams.

As you design your blog, give consideration to how you want the blog to function. For most businesses, blogs are a place of information. You don't, however, want to simply regurgitate what others have other said or posted.

Posting articles or reprints of other people's commentary is fine from time to time, but simply posting a constant feed of outside content can make you look like you have nothing to say. Having something to say and contribute is the point of a blog in the first place!

When you post other people's articles or work be sure to always get permission first. Many publications allow subscribers to post articles on blogs for free, but there are others that require payment. You don't want to find yourself in a legal battle!

Writing your own blogs, though, can be a great way to show your clients and prospective clients that you have first-hand knowledge of the real estate market. Include links to helpful community businesses and services. They might even link back!

When you compose your own blogs it is important to use spell check and attempt the best grammar you can! If you have an assistant in your office, it always pays to have a second set of eyes look things over for you.

In addition to using "good English" be sure you avoid foul or harsh language. It can be a real turn off to some people. And please NEVER USE ALL CAPS for a blog. It is unprofessional.

Write from the heart. You don't need to sound like a flat robot in a blog. Put your voice and personality in to each piece! This is a great way for your readers to get to know you.

Include visual pieces in your blogs as well. We all like pictures and graphics. You could post pictures of your latest listing, a copy of your company christmas card, or even free stock photos that compliment your commentary.

Next, keep personal business and vents to yourself. A business blog is not the place to air dirty laundry or to stand on your soap box. It can demonstrate a lack of restraint to your customers who prefer you keep your non-real estate opinions to yourself. This goes doubly for politics and religion.

Finally, keep your blog up-to-date. Starting a blog and then leaving it dormant for months might indicate to those searching on the internet that you have a lack of follow-through. If you are too busy to post a certain day or week, then enlist the help of an assistant to post periodically for you during this dry spell.

A blog can be a wonderful tool to help guide clients towards homes, services, and information they need. Make it a place that is useful, colorful, and straight from you to them and you're sure to have a marketing vehicle that runs for a long time.  

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