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Enhance Long-term Value of Commercial Properties With Technology

Written by Paul Dorian - Opinion & Commentary on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 6:00 pm

For real estate owners and management companies, the current economy is an opportunity to enhance the long-term value of commercial properties through the power of technology. These investments emphasize the importance of information technology ("IT"), the foundation by which businesses operate, interact with consumers and process a variety of responsibilities. Specifically, IT can transform an otherwise vacant building into a magnet for renters without needless expense. For this approach - one that gives potential occupants an available resource for, among other things, consulting, cloud computing and project management - is an advantage in a challenging real estate market.

Put aside mere cosmetic changes, which have a brief and unheralded shelf life, and focus, instead, on the many ways an IT firm can be an auxiliary arm for both a building owner and renter. More to the point, an IT firm that keeps its workforce in the United States is a strategic advantage - an asset that bespeaks quality and efficiency. Thus, a building owner who works with, or provides his tenants the services of such a credible IT firm, will immediately convert an otherwise convention property into a hub for companies of all interests.

This emphasis on IT consultants who do not outsource their work overseas is an important distinction, because, far from remaking companies into models of technical excellence and financial strength, results may suffer and prices may actually rise when IT becomes yet another exportable commodity. In this situation, a building owner who offers the services of a traditional IT firm - meaning: an IT company that outsources assignments overseas - is not providing a genuinely worthwhile asset.

Does this mean all forms of foreign outsourcing are bad? Of course not. But the problem is not about outsourcing; it is, rather, about unrealistic expectations and the notion that companies can afford (or afford to risk) entrusting their data with just anyone. In contrast, a building owner who wants to get and retain tenants needs to have a compelling reason - particularly in this economy - to accomplish that mission. Merely offering complimentary IT services, while a noble undertaking and part of an overall suite of benefits many businesses want, is not enough - those services must be targeted, reliable and effective.

Again, a real estate owner who makes this distinction - and clarifies the value between IT consultants in the States versus less experienced personnel overseas - gives commercial renters something of lasting value. Think of the many scenarios where technology and real estate transaction intersects, and then imagine the multitude of circumstances where IT is the critical component necessary for success. Now, think even further about how a building owner can bestow these benefits - the rewards of IT consultants in America - on prospective clients. All of which means, there are several tactics available to building owners, regardless of the economy, to instantly reconfigure a commercial property into a bustling destination for prospective tenants.

By recognizing the necessity of IT - and by acknowledging the wisdom of working with consultants who do not outsource overseas - building owners have an inventive means of changing vacant properties into occupies locales for entrepreneurs and major executives. With these tools at our disposal, now is the time for IT to be the real estate industry’s chief ally.

Paul Dorian
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
2011 UIS Technology Partners

Paul is technically skilled at design, implementation, and management of all aspects of IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, security, cabling, and software across all industries.  Paul has extensive experience in business startups, financial applications, e-commerce, process improvement, and non-profit management.  As the CEO of UIS Technology Partners , Paul’s knowledge enables our team to deliver the kind of innovative leadership that keeps UIS on the leading-edge as a full-service IT provider.

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