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September Cybertips

Written by Jack Peckham on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 7:00 pm

Trick #1: Gratis Maid Service For A Very Worthy Group

If you know any woman with any type of cancer you have some idea of what a tough fight it is for her - and for her family. And the day to day living with it gets even tougher. The people at this great non-profit foundation help by offering free professional housecleaning and maid services to help improve the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment.

These nice folks partner with over 800 professional residential maid services that are insured and bonded. These companies' provide four free general cleanings - one a month for four months to patients accepted into the program

Applications for this service can be filled in online by women with any type of cancer so long as they are currently under treatment. (They necessarily need to limit the number of applications received online each day.)

This is what giving is all about.

Trick #2: Check Your Symptoms - Quick And Easy

Got something that's been bugging you -- from a hangnail to a headache - and beyond? These folks make it easy for you to pin point the problem and then learn just about everything there is to know about the condition.

Simply let them know your sex and age (you can use the program anonymously). Then start clinking on the mannequin as you drill down to the specifics of your issue. Along the way, or when finished, you'll be prompted with suggestions and finally presented with a ton of information regarding your complaint.

It's a good way to gather information and become an informed patient in advance of a doctor or hospital visit.

Great Place #1: Whatcha Got In Your House?

If you had to, could you list just about every important thing in your house? These folks have helped thousands of homeowners/renters or business owners to maintain their home inventories since 1989 with their home inventory software program that helps you organize, manage and catalog a detailed list of everything you own.

Their software is now free and automatically organizes each inventory entry by category. The program tracks each item's, location, owner, serial number, model number, description, purchase and replace prices, warranty information, extended warranty information, appraisal information, and includes a 32,000-character memo field for each item. You can enter as much or as little information as you wish.

If your eyes begin to glaze over when someone asks if you have a complete home or office inventory, then this may be worth looking into. The price is right.

Great Place: You're Going To Eat That Stuff?

Ever get into a debate on whether that coleslaw you bought last week is still edible? How about the Gherkins or Spam you haven't opened since you bought them? This great place will give you a quick and snappy answer. (See below).

Consumer Reports, ABC, CBS, Readers Digest and even Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray think highly of these folks and the Washington Post calls this great place "The ultimate shelf life guide".

With this resource you can win any debate about food life and become the family and neighborhood food guru. PS Answers to the above: Coleslaw- three to five days; Gherkins - two years; Spam - two to five years.

Healthy information - even if you don't like coleslaw, pickles or Spam.

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