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Agents: Managing Your Mobile Resources - There's An App For That

Written by Bala Velmurugan on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 7:00 pm

Mobile applications continue to play a critical role in the real estate industry, empowering both residential and commercial brokers with the tools to execute transactions and relay changing conditions. But finding these applications is not always easy or efficient, regardless of the platform (iOS or Android) a user chooses to embrace.

If anything, the sheer number of applications - for both smartphones and tablets - exceeds, collectively, well over 2 million for the iPhone, iPad and other devices. Finding the right applications for realtors - the ones obscured by a handful of popular consumer programs - can be either daunting or impossible. Transforming this process, enabling users to quickly and accurately identify the applications they want and need, is a significant benefit for brokers and agents: they can then perform tasks with greater efficiency, reduce costs, improve operations and fully empower their workforce. These benefits redound to landlords, tenants, property managers and buyers and sellers. The journey, however, begins with improving the way we all search for the applications we want, need and plan to use on a regular basis.

Bear in mind that the application stores for, respectively, Apple and Android only curate and promote a handful of the many choices available to the public. In turn, the materials best suited for realtors - an application that may facilitate appraisals or mortgage calculations or leasing arrangements - may receive little or no visibility. That situation, which is all too common among users of mobile devices, leaves people with a limited number categories (news, games and entertainment) and even more narrow range of applications. Changing that situation is essential, because the alternative - maintaining a broken system that puts promotions ahead of productivity - is a waste of the very hardware that realtors now bring to client meetings, conferences and other events.

I write these words from experience, as I am the founder of Appcurl , which transforms the way people find, purchase and download the applications they want, which means opportunities abound to give iPhone, iPad and Android users a fuller perspective about this communications revolution. In fact, by broadening the way we search for applications - by more accurately matching the interests of, say, one realtor with another - we give people a reason to maximize their smartphones and tablets. On a practical level, this advantage allows realtors to quickly - and accurately - uncover applications that complement their business goals, prioritize their immediate objectives and sustain their relationships with a multitude of actors.

Remember, there is nearly an application for any conceivable interest or industry. For a multi-billion dollar field like real estate, there are countless applications - from simple organizational tools to complex financial modeling programs - that liberate brokers and agents from the tedium of office work, while giving them the face time necessary to close deals and network. From my vantage point, these rewards underscore the importance of offering people a new form of search, a better way to personalize the purchase and use of mobile applications.

Real estate brokers and agents have a chance to be at the forefront of new paradigm, a union between technology and business. Fulfilling that ambition starts with a breakthrough in search, a means to give professionals the support they want and deserve. That gateway to success is (or should be) the real estate industry's summons to action. Let the world of mobile devices reach new heights. : World's best mobile app search engine. Appcurl supports apps and games from Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores. Appcurl boasts large number of controls to filter and sort search results, to help users drill down to the exact app they are looking for. Appcurl does not promote apps or games for commercial purposes, appcurl results are 100% unbiased.
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