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Making Agents Camera Ready

Written by on Wednesday, 03 June 1998 7:00 pm

If you cut the heads off your subjects, and we mean with a camera, not a guillotine, you will be thrilled with the new "idiot proof" imaging technologies that even you can't mess up. User-friendly digital imaging technology has created an opportunity for Realtors to host the virtual "open house" for online prospective buyers.

Concurrent with more consumers shopping for homes on the Internet is the emergence of new technologies and services which assist these prospective homebuyers to view homes while online. Just as the MLS listing with its single photo and amateurish text has long been outdated, the online listing is evolving rapidly into a do-it-yourself infomercial of cinematic magnificance.

A poll taken during the last N.A.R. convention asked Realtors what percentage of their Internet business is done locally on the Internet. The response was 71% local sites and 29% national. Over 35% of Realtors polled stated they had sold properties via the Internet. Yet, up to now, most online Realtors have just taken their home brochures and reproduced static copies on the Web. According to NBC Interactive Neighborhood's director Andrew Shotland, technology will have the greatest impact on the way a real estate agent conducts business in the next five years, including push technology and full motion video. "The customer can walk-through in their pajamas."

The Realtor of today has a whole new bag of tricks with which to market homes in the virtual environment. In order to compete and be ready to grab the virtual customer, new technologies are designed to make anyone, regardless of their ability, into the Steven Spielberg of Realtors. Just as no agent would be caught without a cellular phone, the digital camera is the newest must-have technological toy. But how to make the agent camera-ready?

Eastman Kodak believes it has the answer with a full line of products designed to give the agent all the photo/video techno-support they need for the near future. Under its umbrella Kodak Digital Science(tm) Solutions , the company is offering pro-quality cameras that allow you to review your images, organize and delete shots as you take them. Automatic exposure controls lets you capture your subject as you want it distant, close or close-up. As with all digital cameras, images are processed while inside the camera, and can be downloaded to your computer. Picture Cards are the new digital roll of film. When you fill one up, pop in another and keep shooting. Pop them into your computer for quick and easy transfer. Print with the new Kodak SP700 color Printer for affordable photo-quality printing, resulting in instant brochures and other marketing tools. Special coating and bright white paper helps you to create professional looking fliers with bold, vibrant colors and sharp, clear text. Store your disc files on the CD-R Media Type S which handles up to 650 MB of text, images, graphics and drawings. Unlike the fragile celluloid film of Hollywood's yesteryear, they will be safe for generations to come through Kodak's stable dye chemistry and scratch resistant INFOGUARD protection layer.

The DVC 300 Digital Video Camera adds life to online home presentations through the virtual home tour. Zoom in to see a close-up detail in a room or zoom out to showcase a panoramic view. The camera can also be used to add still images as well as videos to desktop presentations. True plug and play enables you and your client across the city or across the world to see instant video communications.

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