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Agents: Don't Have a Website?

Written by Realty Times Staff on Thursday, 26 September 2013 1:00 pm

You're a real estate agent, and you don't have a Website. You know you have to have one. You would like to send your clients to your site or maybe you've been asked what is the address of your site.

It could be the cost that is keeping you away or you're just not excited by the free, lame one your broker is offering. You've looked at it and it's just a Web page, not a real site. It looks like the the one the agent has in the cubicle next to you. It has very little content and substance -a business card on the Web. It's like feeding your customers rice cakes.

But you have to get one.

Believe it or not, Realty Times has the answer. And it is free!

When you sign up for my Realty Times, you will have a personal site that gets you more traffic, more content, more responses, and more PR than those you can pay thousands of dollars for.

You will be able to publicize your listings, announce your accomplishments, and show your expertise to our extensive audience of readers. And just as important, you can develop your own following. Check out what all the excitement is about!

Just every once in a while, you're in the right place at the right time.

Get your free site now, Click Here.

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