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January Cybertips

Written by Jack Peckham on Sunday, 10 January 2010 6:00 pm

Trick #1: Google Voice - The Ultimate in Phone Services

The world has been waiting for this! Google has stepped up to the plate with a mind boggling suite of telephone services! To begin with, they give you your own phone number that you can publish on your cards, letterheads, faxes and ads. Then when someone is trying to reach you the "follow me" technology will ring your office, home, mobile phone - in short any numbers you program in will ring simultaneously until you pick up the line that is most convenient for you.

In addition to the "find me" incoming call service that will locate you - no matter where you are, what makes this service extra special are the other bells and whistles including. voice-mail transcription so you can read your messages at your leisure, custom greetings you can program by caller, sharing voice mails, free SMS, call blocking, conference calls, call screening -- Plus plus plus!

This service has been in "invitation only" mode for a while - but they are speeding up their acceptance time frame which makes it worthwhile to jump in and apply. After all the price is right - it's on the house.

Trick #2: Send Your Name To Mars

Here's your chance to go to Mars! The good folks at NASA are putting together a list of followers who would like to get spaced out!

Just go to this interesting site and fill in the short form and your name will be included with others on a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover heading to Mars in 2011!

Everybody on-board -- your 15 minutes of fame may last for an eternity!

Great Place #1: Have All Your Manuals At Your Fingertips

In addition to a lot of other features, this great place has more than 100,000 manuals on electronics products from more than 1000 manufacturers. And it's easy to use!

You can find the manuals to match all of your electronic products by searching direct, alphabetically or by hundreds of product types such as Calculators, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, DVD Players, Laptops, Desktops, Multifunction Printers, Printers, Remote Controls, TVs, or Telephones. Then you can build your personal library on-line or by downloading the ones you want to a "My Manuals" folder so you can access your manuals whenever you need them.

And to make it even better -- there is no cost for all of this good stuff!

Great Place #2: Are Your Programs Up-to-date?

Many of us struggle to keep our computer programs up-to-date. And say "The heck with it!" and let sleeping dogs lie! The folks at this great place have come up with an easy solution for keeping up to the minute - with a minimum of effort.

You simply download their easy to use "Update Checker" and run it. In a flash, up comes a list of the programs on your computer for which there are updates. Then you can click on the download arrow - and Shazam -- your program is fresh as a daisy!

There are lots of other features but they don't get in the way of making updating your programs a quick and easy task. And like most of the gems we feature here - this service is on the house!

Copies of all previous "Real Estate CyberTips" columns complete with all direct links are available at .

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