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The Inside Scoop on iPad Videos for Agents

Written by Julie Escobar on Sunday, 24 March 2013 7:00 pm

A Sneak Peek from Video Guru and That Interview Guy Michael Krisa

Well if you're ever interested in cutting edge and out-in-front marketing tools - you can't miss by connecting with my video savvy friend and real estate insider Michael Krisa. Loved our sit-down today to talk about his all new video training product Tablet Video for Agents. If you're not using video to put your marketing for both your listings and your business... you're going to miss out.

The good news is that Michael brings it down to the step-by-step simple stuff that agents need to incorporate these tools into their plan sooner rather than later! Here's a snapshot of our interview:

Q:All right, my friend - what are you up to these days and how is it a cool thing for today's agents?

A:Well, you know I've been bringing video solutions to agents for the last seven years and one thing has always stood out as the biggest challenge: Video can be HARD. The technology and tools have always been just outside of a lot of agent's comfort zones. It really hit home for me when I was recently attending a CE course and the instructor kept referring to me as the 'video guy.' He asked me to spend a few minutes talking to the agents in the room about using video in their marketing. I looked around and saw almost every agent had an iPad, but when asked - none of them were using it for video. I asked, "Don't you know what you have? It's like driving a Porsche for the stereo!" Really - now EVERYTHING you need is on the iPad.

Q:Love that analogy Michael. Tell us more about the course and how it came to be.

A:I connected with Mike Stewart who got me started in video way back when and we put our heads together to create something real estate specific to make it unbelievably easy for agents to use their iPads to create powerful, results-producing video.

The cool thing about the training is that it is filled with not just how-to's but also white papers and great examples of what other agents are doing successfully and what is working in markets all over North America. And we continue to keep adding new content so there is always something new for agents to learn.

Q:Michael, tell us why video is SO important now - and how it will be even more so in the near future.

A:Sure Julie. 70% of current how to searches conducted by people now are for video, and stats show that by 2015, 80% will be video on tablets and smartphones. If you aren't tapping into video now - catching up in years to come will be not just tough, but almost impossible. Right now - video is a wide open frontier for Realtors. Early adopters will really find it to be a differentiator in their market.

Q:For the last few years it's been all about the flip video - and low quality, fast videos - but that seems to be changing a little right?

A:Yes. The need for a stronger professionalism in video continues to grow. And fortunately, the iPad with the iMovie app offers everything you need to produce professional, studio quality video like a pro easily and affordably! The National Association of Realtors tells us that 75% of homeowners prefer to work with an agent that uses video - but only 8% of agents do. What does that tell us? That the agents who jump in NOW and start making an impact will be the competitor to be chase in the market.

Q:As someone who has been in and around this business forever in so many different capacities Michael - you have a unique perspective that I think is important for agents to know about video - can you share that?

A:Yes, what agents need to know is that it is not just about marketing.  It’s about becoming the ‘celebrity authority’ in your niche.  From tours of your town, points of interest, consumer tips, virtual tours, and home buying and selling advice - video gives you the ability to spotlight yourself as the go-to authority in your area like never before.  The truth is video is here and it’s not going away - in fact, quite the opposite.  We’re just making it goof-proof and super simple for agents to incorporate it into their business and marketing plan.   

Michael - thanks so much - as always - you are a wealth of information!  Agents, you can learn more about this terrific new tool and training at and use the promo code prospectsplus to save $25!  Then head over to our Facebook pageand let us know how it is working for you!  We can’t wait to hear!   

Need help driving people to your videos and your website?  Give us a call today at 866.405.3638.  We’ve been helping agents drive offline traffic to their online marketing for years and we can help you do the same!

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