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Is Your Business Process Management Software Up To Speed?

Written by Jesse Shiah on Thursday, 28 February 2013 6:00 pm

The real estate industry has a strong need for Business Process Management (BPM) software, which can promote increased efficiency, cost savings and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Indeed, the real estate profession - both residential and commercial - is a dynamic environment, where technology must meet the needs of companies and their clients: a situation where the promotion of innovation, flexibility and integration with other forms of software is simple, secure and reliable.  

The problem, however, is that the majority of BPM software is neither easy to use nor affordable, leaving the real estate industry in a bind between purchasing soon-to-be-obsolete products or continuing with an unacceptable status quo. Transforming this paradigm should be the goal of every real estate executive, broker and agent -- for the best way to achieve excellence and success starts with the right brand of BPM software.

From our perspective, based on an analysis of existing BPM tools and their use within the real estate industry, there is undeniable room for improvement.

A quick sidebar: our company, AgilePoint , seeks to help real estate companies - all industries, for that matter - enjoy the benefits of a true BPM solution, one that is cost-effective, free of complexity and backed by superb service. Those advantages come at an opportune time, where many businesses must improve their management and make change more than a buzzword or yet another form of marketing boilerplate. We believe the real estate industry, because of the significant number of transactions conducted on a daily basis, needs a BPM partner that can further success and provide lasting value.

With the right software, this quest is both practical and a model worthy of emulation across other industries.

We understand that the current system with its steep learning curve, high expense and poor track record can intimidate even the most sophisticated technology expert. Hence the need for a product like AgilePoint, which is the result of extensive research and development, providing business owners - in this case, real estate professionals - with the chance to focus on their core areas of expertise.  

This enhanced productivity can then spread throughout an organization, benefiting the very people who most deserve attention: current and prospective clients. This group can be the ultimate recipient of smart BPM software, because realtors can focus more time on customizing strategies that distinguish themselves from the competition, earn the loyalty (and renewed business) of existing customers and develop a reputation for efficiency and sound management.

Those rewards can only arise with the right brand of BPM software, since the alternatives are costly, difficult to use and lack the credibility (from critics and consumers alike) to smoothly accommodate the demands of such a fast-paced environment. Put another way, realtors need - and their client expect - a BPM solution that works, period. Remember: existing alternatives do not promote the long-term processes necessary to adapt to and absorb outside developments. Without that flexibility, BPM software cannot fulfill its mission, ease the burden on clients or deliver on the promise of efficiency and profitability.

The real estate industry must conduct its own due diligence concerning these issues, too, leading them to AgilePoint and our approach to effective BPM software. With these advantages at their disposal, brokers and agent can achieve greater returns and building a lasting brand for themselves. These strengths are too important to ignore.

Jesse Shiah is the Founder and CEO of AgilePoint ( ). AgilePoint is an innovative developer of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, which enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively optimize efficiency and profitability. By automating business processes, AgilePoint makes essential information more accessible to employees so they can manage mission-critical projects and applications.

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