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Agents: Real-Time Information From Current and Prospective Clients is Invaluable

Written by Stephen Bosch on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 6:00 pm

For real estate professionals, few things are as valuable - and essential - as real-time information from current and prospective clients. This feedback can influence a variety of factors, including future marketing campaigns, brand positioning, customized messaging (by and for brokers and agents) and outreach with the public at large. Retrieving this information is both an art and a science, a process where subtlety and diplomacy are critical and accuracy is a priority.  

This approach - the BrandTruth blueprint for relaying and analyzing this material - can transform commercial and residential firms, offering a new and more enhanced understanding of the marketplace and the tactics necessary for success with a specific group of buyers and sellers. This data is important because, based on the opinions people convey (and the timeliness with which they offer these thoughts), real estate firms can learn a lot about their own reputations and the actions necessary to be more successful.

Think of this gathering of intelligence, complemented by a sense of discretion and respect for current and potential clients, as a stark contrast from more conventional forms of promotion: tactics that rely heavily on aggressive TV commercials, billboards, print advertisements, radio spots and other forms of mass marketing. The problem, for realtors, is that these options are reactive; they do not seek (and thus cannot respond to) the real-time requests, ideas and statements of buyers and sellers -- the people who are the lifeblood of any business.  

Without this information, realty firms may invest - and lose - too much money in campaigns that do not work, or launch initiatives miss the point by a proverbial mile. In other words, traditional forms of market research - like sequestering men and women in a room, all in a vain effort to get answers to irrelevant questions about erroneous concepts - are an invitation for personal frustration and professional mismanagement.

Getting the truth from buyers and sellers, as well as landlords and tenants, requires a new way of defining marketing. In this regard, brokers and agents - and the experts who assist on their behalf - need to be sincere without being too intrusive; they need to be inquisitive without being invasive, and they must know what information to relay (to brokers and agents) and what things to discard.  

For real-time information is just that: the thoughts, musings, comments, criticisms and revelatory moments that can be a company's greatest asset or most intimidating source of information. Deciphering that material involves the skill and expertise of marketing professionals, people who can speak truth to power and tell real estate firms key facts.

Again, this information can transform an otherwise lackluster firm into a regional or national powerhouse -- it can be the missing ingredient that no focus group will disclose, that no survey will unveil and no summary question will expose. Simply stated, real estate firms can only advance and solidify their standing in the marketplace if - and this point bears special notice - they choose to find the truth, in real-time, about their services and clients. 

This material is the one form of evidence that can substantiate (or disprove) any number of marketing proposals, business strategies and other ideas. With the right guidance, backed by professionals who want to bring companies and clients together, the real estate industry can be a model of marketing excellence. That success will inspire other industries to emulate these accomplishments, which will underscore the importance of real-time feedback from consumers. That sot of brand truth is a blueprint for leadership and credibility.

Stephen Bosch, BrandTruth® ( ) Co-Founder.

BrandTruth® is a team of dedicated Brand Marketing and Retail industry veterans who use their extensive experiences in connecting with and aligning with consumers, to find powerful solutions on how to sell more effectively to them.
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