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The Latest Fax Technology Helps Agents Manage Paperwork Anywhere, Anytime

Written by Kyle Flowers on Sunday, 14 October 2012 7:00 pm

The Internet turned 21 years old on August 6th this year. For some of us, it's almost hard to remember a time before Google and email. But, long before we could shoot off a quick email to someone across the country, we relied on the “brand new” technology of fax machines. With these seemingly futuristic machines, we were able to transmit contracts and paperwork over the phone line -- at a mere 15 minutes per page!

Fax machines have come a long way since their initial entrance into the business world; helping busy professionals quickly send documents across town or overseas. For real estate agents, faxes are critical for sending and receiving important contracts and paperwork, having all important purchasing documents processed as quickly as possible, and getting escrow papers signed and approved by all parties. Despite their improvements, office fax machines don't easily fit in a pocket and keep many real estate agents chained to their desks when they really need to be out working with clients.

Luckily, modern Internet fax services bring the power of a business fax machine to a device already in the pocket of most real estate professionals. What's more, Internet fax capabilities far exceed traditional fax machines and help real estate agents find specific faxes, sign them digitally, even snap a photo of a paper contract, all while receiving and responding to communications on multiple devices, including computers, tablets and smartphones while on the go.

Here are some key tips for real estate agents on how they can use Internet faxing to save time and money, while keeping key paperwork organized:

  1. Real faxes, no fax machine - Internet fax services send and receive real faxes but you only need a smartphone, tablet, or computer! Receive your faxes via email or via the web or mobile app if you prefer. Send faxes likewise via email, the web, or mobile app. No need for a pesky machine that eats paper and expensive ink.

  2. Point and Shoot... and Fax - Use your smartphone's camera to snap a picture of a document and fax it to anyone, anywhere. The simple process of point, shoot and fax allows you to send time-sensitive contracts or property photos to clients, lenders or colleagues whether they are in the office, on site or working from home.

  3. Sign faster than ever - With Internet faxing services, you can eliminate the need to print, sign and scan documents by simply inserting a digitized signature into contracts, lending documents, and other real estate paperwork.

  4. Share huge files - Many email service providers limit the size of email attachments. Instead, share these files via an Internet fax service. You can share large files such as high resolution property photos, lengthy documents like closing forms, or even video walk-throughs without resulting in a bounced email.

  5. Lighten up - Never again will you have to lug around a briefcase stuffed with files, call your assistant to search for a contract in a mess of paperwork on your desk, or even drive back to the office. Use an Internet fax service in the cloud so you can tag, search and access thousands of documents from any mobile device or tablet. Many services offer unlimited lifetime storage and let you archive faxed documents securely.

Do you remember the first time you sent a fax? The traditional fax machine was great in its time but now Internet fax has evolved to meet the business needs of today's Realtor. Agents can be even more efficient and connected than ever, even while on the go. Now that faxing is online and in the cloud, agents can stay on top of paperwork while showing houses to potential clients as they access, save and send crucial documents from anywhere, anytime.

Kyle Flowers is director of marketing at j2 Global, Inc., a pioneering provider of cloud-based services. For the past seven years, Kyle's work at j2 Global has focused on developing and delivering hosted communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. Kyle's role is to help enable j2 Global, Inc.'s marketing team to educate customers about the company's cloud-based Internet fax solution -- http://eFax®.com
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