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Get With the Times and Technology Avail Your Own Virtual Office Space

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Technology is so advanced that working from home is nothing unusual at all. Imagine, one has to go to no office and yet all their biddings are taken care of them only, by sitting at home. This is all possible due to the powerful force of the internet. Acquiring a Virtual Office Space is a unique, common and efficient way to make use of this advanced technology and get ahead in business. Qwirk (Coworking and Collaboration) have come up with Virtual Office Space solutions for all that can be easily subscribed to.


It is important to get a feel of what’s up for offer in a subscription and so, there are various trial schemes that can be availed. One of them is “free Fridays” on which anyone could just waltz right in the door of the Qwirk office and stay around grab a desk, enjoy the free internet. Get a feel of how a typical day working in the workplace be like. But, that is not what the subscription is for. Though all the typical services from Qwirk like meeting rooms, conference rooms or day passes would be available at discounts after a subscription. But the actual services begin from a high-value reputed business address, which will now be used to represent your organisation. They then continue to a mail forwarding service and depending upon the subscription this settlement can become even more comfortable than just comfortable. The subscription starts from as low as $35 per month and goes to $125 per month. There are in all 4 packages to choose from and details can be checked at

Most of these subscriptions allow the subscriber to avail discounts on other services offered by Qwirk. Since these facilities are suitable for all sorts of businesses ranging from freelancers to entrepreneurs and even small organisations or startups. There is going to be a need for conference rooms or meeting rooms, Qwirk would provide an exclusive discount to booking any of these facilities to the subscribers. Virtual assistant services are also provided at discounted rates. A virtual assistant is generally a self-employed individual very competent in providing professional administrative assistance (could even be technical or creative / social guidance). The VA works from a remote location and is a very cost efficient solution. Since a VA would only be paid for work and will not be on a payroll, there is not a single minute that will be billed which was not productive.

In all of the subscriptions, there is unlimited mail handling, which goes without saying, though the number of times the packages would be forwarded might depend on subscription packages. It can be as high as 10 times in a month or as low as 2 times in a month, but nonetheless, there is a restriction on walking to the location and collecting your mails at any time during business hours. In more advanced subscriptions even a notification of received mails is sent to the subscriber, as it is obvious that in the fast paced world of today time is of the essence.

Digital mail scanning and email are often known as open envelope scanning are also one really useful service, wherein, the mails are opened and scanned to convert them into a digital format which then can be shared over the internet. To maintain the privacy and confidentiality the opened mails are then shredded unless of course told to do otherwise.


Summary: There is little that not be offered by the Virtual Office Space it’s just up to the person making use of it to decide how much more and how much better can they utilise these services.




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