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The easiest way to move apartment or house

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Moving to a new house or apartment is, beyond doubt, a fresh feeling and experience for almost all of us. However, the ‘moving day’ in its own sense, can be really stressful and daunting – more in case you have no earlier experience of it. As someone experienced in the ‘moving thing’ process can suggest, little tips can make the experience somewhat easier and pleasant. So let’s walk through what we may call the fundamentals of moving to a new house or apartment so that they can prove handy the next time you’re in the ‘moving process’. 

1. Free moving boxes

When switching to a new home or apartment, you tend to run across surplus expenses that are not just unexpected, but absolutely unnecessary, too. One such unwanted expense is of moving boxes that you purchase to pack up your belongings. Try going for free boxes, it’s not all that hard to find a few at some grocery or clothing store. Even the free zone on Craigslist is a fine place to find a few boxes free of cost.

2. Plastic wraps save time

Plastic wraps are exactly what the doctors order for anyone who’s moving from one place to another with tons of belongings. They save us from the time and effort it takes to take off clothes from hangers and fold them, just to move to a new place, and the unfold them to hang again. Just zip-tie all your hangers as one lot and bind it in a wrap that is readily available on any departmental store. 

3. Don’t keep those drawers empty

Drawers can be dealt with much creativity while you move. Place other items in the drawers – rather than keeping them empty. Also do remember to dismantle and store drawer handles inside the drawers, to save them from scratches and damage, in case they thrust out much.

4. Color-code

One of the most difficult part of moving from a location to another is to keep your packages boxes in an organized manner. It’s not always easy to find your things upon arrival at your new address and, at times, it may take up to several weeks to identify and sort things out. However, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Simply use color-code method to categorize the boxes. Now just a quick look at the box and you’ll instantly know which area the content belongs in. 

5. Packing plates

Broken dishes is something too common and unpleasant part of the ‘moving process’, and you’ll certainly like to avoid it, we believe. Consider packing your plates in vertical groups to ensure maximum safety during the transit.

6. Packing pictures and mirrors 

If you think dishes are too tough to keep intact in transit, how about mirrors and pictures. Seeing your favorite picture in pieces will certainly be the last thing you’ll want to see on reaching your new abode. In such event, consider packing each item separately - pack the items like a present with gift wrap or use bubble wrap to ensure improved safety. Also, do remember to label “fragile: handle with care” on the box.

7. Use towels and sheets to good effect

While packing for a transit you can surely make a good use of your sheets and towels, which tend to take up too much space in your transit boxes. Use them to wrap fragile objects like mirrors and pictures. This will solve two purpose - one, you won’t have to buy bubble wraps, and two – your fragile items will be secured.

8. Fast-fill wall holes

Once you move into a new home, there might possibly be a few, if not more, holes in the walls which might again push on your wallet significantly. You can fill those holes with soap to avoid unwanted expenses – simply rub a soap bar until the wall is filled.

9. Packing a TV

Televisions are another dicey element when we talk about making a transit. However, there are a few things you can do to better protect your TVs during the moving process. Try a dedicated custom box for your TV set or use a towel, bedsheet or something to wrap it properly. Make sure you keep your screen laid upright. And for all future transits, make sure not to throw your TVs package material upon buying a new set.

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