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Just Released! Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Buyer's Series - How to Write an Offer

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How to Make an Offer on a Home.



This week, Tristan and his WHITEBOARD go over the process of making an offer, dealing with a counteroffer, and the power of digital signatures.


In Episode 8.1, Tristan covers making the offer - what to expect, the parts of the offer (fun paperwork stuff) and how the whole thing plays out.


Episode 8.2 follows up with the counteroffer.  Chances are, the seller with counter the offer presented - what is involved and what to expect in that stage.


Finally Tristan tells a story in Episode 8.3 about the power of digital signatures.  Four minutes.  He and his buyers won a property in FOUR MINUTES.  A fun story you need to take a few minutes to watch.


The next few weeks Tristan and his WHITEBOARD will delve into the home inspection, home insurance, and other parts of the transaction as you move forward to close.


Tristan and his WHITEBOARD was created with the intent to provide quality information to buyers and sellers, as well as an outlet to showcase Tristan's knowledge, experience, competence and personality.


Tristan and his wife Sarah created Mindful Living Realty in July of 2016 after being in the Rapid City real estate business for over 10 years.  Their philosophy is built upon selling real estate from a mindful state of mind - making sure their clients are cared for first.


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