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Island Properties: 4 Tips to Find Your Perfect Sandy Spot

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Few places compare to the beach; the laid-back island life that spans from the breathtaking views of the coastal United States to the postcard-perfect, white-sand beaches of the Caribbean draw people in year after year, but some people fall so in love with the atmosphere that they decide to invest in their own little slice of paradise. If you're thinking of buying an island property, congratulations. This article has four tips to help you start your journey. Just by reading this, you're already one step closer toward your tropical getaway.

Research Buying Requirements in Your Destination

Buying island property isn't like buying property in America. Some countries require buyers to sign conveyance documents before they can purchase a property. In Jamaica, you must have a unique taxpayer number administered by the Tax Administration Department before you can close any real estate deal. Make sure you do your research and meet the buyer's requirements before placing any offers.

Explore Neighborhoods

When you start to explore neighborhoods (even initially just online), you'll get a feel for what your budget can buy you in your destination as well as glimpse what your life would be like if you lived there. There's a big difference between living in a location and staying at a beachfront resort.

Go Beachfront

It's what you came for anyway, right? Beachfront properties are highly sought-after and while they do come with their own factors to consider, they'll put you right where you want to be. When looking at beachfront properties, HGTV recommends considering the property more than the structure, since you can change a house through renovations but you can't fix a crumby beach.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Your must-haves will be different depending on whether or not you're buying a vacation home. Island living for summer vacation is vastly different from everyday life. Some companies, like North Captiva Realty Inc., know you should talk to various agents and find one who deals exclusively with the type of properties and lifestyle you're after. You're not going to get the same experience from someone who sells homes to families looking to emigrate as you will from someone who sells vacation homes and condos.

Start Searching Now

Even if the thought of buying an island property is only an idea, researching now can put things into perspective and help make the process easier when you decide to move forward. Narrow down your location to a specific region and several neighborhoods; ask yourself what type of lifestyle you want to have, and consider properties over structures when looking for beachfront spots.

Buying a new property is never easy, but with the right real estate agent and some foresight, you can find the type of paradise that repays you tenfold.

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