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Unique 4 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plans Offer Variety and Flexibility

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4 bedroom apartments floorplanOffering variety with 4 bedroom apartments in Gainesville is key in getting residents to sign. By having unique floor plans, there are more options to accommodate the needs of a group of four. The most common type of floor plan is the typical 4 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment with a shared living space at the center. Although there are many different combinations of bed and baths, it is crucial to still have properties with units that still maintain this floorplan. However, there are still additions that can be made to make a 4br/4ba stand out. For instance, by building an extra-large porch and balcony, residents have extra space that they crave.


By removing just one bathroom, thereby creating a 4br/3ba, there is more space to enhance the living area and kitchen of each apartment. It is recommended to add large windows to let in abundant sunlight, art nooks in the now oversized living rooms, and elevated breakfast bars and built-in wine racks to the kitchens.


Two-story townhouses also offer more flexibility with both pricing and privacy. Townhouses such as these can be split with one bedroom on the ground floor and the remaining three on the second story. If one roommate prefers to be alone or have a personal bathroom, they can choose to take a higher rent and get an entire floor to themselves. This 2-story floorplan allows for a more spacious home than many houses in Gainesville. This added room grants the opportunity to add luxury amenities to draw in a larger crowd. For instance, features that can be added include spiral staircases leading to the second floor, built-in bookcases, and large balconies.

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