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Pros and Cons of Condo Living

Written by Carla Hill on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 6:00 pm

As purse strings tighten across the nation, and aging boomers enter retirement, many homeowners are making the decision to downsize. One popular choice among consumers is condominiums.

Here are some pros and cons of condo living to consider before you make a move.


1. Affordability: Are you looking to buy in a specific neighborhood? A condo allows many buyers to live in a desired location, even if they can't afford a single family home.

2. Amenities: Many condominiums come with access to such things as fitness centers, pools, and club houses.

3. Low Maintenance: While you are still responsible for the inside upkeep, outdoor and community features such as the roof, foundation, sidewalks, pool, and yard are covered by the association. This means no mowing the yard in 100 degree heat!

4. Reserve Fund: The condo association collects funds and keeps them in reserve for larger repairs and upgrades needed down the road. If your association keeps accurate surveys and books, this means there should be no surprise expenses.

5. Safety: Many condos offer gated parking, security guards, and even doormen.


1. No Storage: You may find the rare condo that offers access to storage lockers, but condo living generally means no storage. If you have items that will need stored, be sure to include a storage facility rental fee into your budget.

2. Lack of Privacy: You will most likely have neighbors upstairs or down, or at the very least right next door. Some people love the sense of community this creates, though!

3. Monthly Association Fees: Nearly all condo units require you pay a monthly fee that pays for upkeep around the community. This means even if you own your condo free and clear, you are still responsible for monthly fees.

4. Rules: Who likes to follow the rules?! But kidding aside, many condos have strict rules about guests, noise, decor, and even subletting.

5. No yard: While some homeowners love the idea of no yardwork, others enjoy planting and growing. Most condos have very little outside space, apart from small patios.

Be sure to take these elements into consideration when deciding whether a condo is the home choice for you.

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