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Modern Ways to Display Family Photos

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Tuesday, 01 July 2014 17:29

The days of a traditional table full of picture frames depicting family memories and happy moments has passed. The new digital world where pictures live on the Smartphone that never leaves our hands took care of that. And digital photo frames that were supposed to transform the way we display family photos has apparently also seen their day.

"Digital photo frames are like aging professional athletes: Their best days are behind them," said Consumer Digest. "A dramatic contraction in the digital-photo-frame market led to decreased prices and virtually no introduction or expansion of innovations in the past 4 years. As a result, experts tell us that today's digital photo frames are as good as you ever will get."

If you want to inject some personality and personalization into a room, there are some great ways to display family photos with a more modern touch. Check out a few below.

Use photo editing tools to create framed pieces that look like art. Here, saturated color and filters create moody pieces that, when hung together in matching frames in a linear shape, create the look and feel of one large dramatic piece.

Printing family photos onto canvas can elevate the look. Especially when done in black and white, like this collection seen on FollowPics.

This great display from Plastolux uses "floating shelves to showcase photo collages... with "different sizes and shapes" that come together in a unified black and white theme," said Canvaspress.

A fun idea for the staircase or a gallery wall, these photos used as a set piece in the movie "The Joneses" lets you showcase your family's personality. Capturing different looks and moods takes family photos beyond the traditional for a striking, energetic, unforgettable presentation.

Still have a love of picture frames? Use one in a whole new way. This look from Kidspacestuff shows off vacation photos - or any collection of family photos - in a modern collage with an "oversize frame full of same size photos placed behind glass and leaning against the wall…now that makes a statement!"

Check out more modern ideas for displaying family photos on Houzz.

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