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Great Gifts For The Germaphobe In Your Life

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Monday, 26 December 2016 21:45

Have a lovable germaphobe in your life? We all know (or know of) someone who washes their hands a lot and carries ample hand sanitizer with them at all times. Who was sneezing into their elbow and opening bathroom doors with a paper towel before it became common.

Keeping germs at bay is increasingly important to anyone who doesn't love the idea of catching a cold everytime they touch a door handle. So whether you have a friend who would simply appreciate a new way to keep the germs away or loved one who is Howie Mandel-level germ-phobic, we've got gift ideas you'll want to see. You can use them as a last-minute Christmas gift, a Hanukkah present, or anytime throughout the year.

"Any neat freak out there can provide testimony to the fact that having things in their rightful places is so, so satisfying... especially when said things are aesthetically pleasing," said POPSUGAR. "If you're shopping for any queens (or kings) of clean this holiday season (or maybe someone you hope will eventually develop neat-freak tendencies!), give them a gift they'll put to good use!"

1. National Allergy Germ-Fighter Side Sleeper Pillow

When is a bed pillow a great gift? When it's germ-free, mold-free, and allergen-free, with "a moisture-blocking membrane and a germ and mold blocking agent on the pillow." $59–69 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

2. Toothbrush Sanitizer

It's the gift your favorite germaphobe will love - a toothbrush sanitizer "that keeps your toothbrush virtually free of germs! When the case is closed, it takes just seven minutes for the germicidal UV blue light to kill up to 99% of bacteria; the unit automatically shuts off."

The best part: It's portable, providing germ-free tooth brushing on the go! $29.99 from the Container Store.

Container Store

3. Dr. Doormat Antimicrobial Doormat

If your friend or family member is germ phobic, he or she probably requires guests to remove their shoes upon entering their home, but this antimicrobial doormat provides an extra layer of protection against bacteria, fungus, and mold.

4. "A bottle of hand soap that says exactly what's on your mind when someone reaches in for a handshake," said POPSUGAR.

You can call it a gag gift, but don't tell us you're not sitting there thinking about how many people you want to buy this for $9.49 from Amazon and also available in a hand sanitizer.


5. Indoor Air Quality Monitor

It's the best way to know what you're breathing in! "Sync it with a smartphone, and it'll monitor for things like dust, mold, smoke, and pollen," said Self. $199 from Amazon.

6. Household items you don't have to touch

We're big fans of stuff you can use without having to touch it. So, we give you:

The no-touch soap dispenser, $19.95 from Amazon. Just place your hands underneath to get clean.


And the touchless faucet. This smart invention is great for anyone - not just those who are looking to avoid germs wherever possible. If you cook and don't want to get raw egg or meat on your faucet, or if you have kids who like to leave fingerprints on, well, everything, then this is for you. There are a number of options available and they range in price, but you can see the best-rated touchless faucets here.

And the Touchless Toilet. Maybe our favorite household item of all time, and not just for those who have a major aversion to germs. This genius American Standard toilet is $462.70 on Amazon.

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