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Patio Furniture Moves Inside

Written by on Thursday, 03 November 2011 7:00 pm

If you've ever wondered what to do with some of that patio furniture during the winter months when the weather can give the finish a good beating, consider inviting your patio furniture in out of the cold.

The Wall Street Journal reported that patio furniture is trending toward blurring the lines of outside and inside design. That's because homeowners are wanting more design options without having to buy larger homes. They're remodeling and shopping for homes that make the most of the outside.

Great rooms are spilling into the patio with outdoor covered and even enclosed areas that house sofas, dining tables and even big screen TVs. But now the outdoor furniture is being invited inside.

I like the concept but some might find it a bit out of place. I bought a glass, wrought-iron table that might be labeled a patio table but instead I brought it inside. It gives an airy feeling because of its see-through design. It also matches my decor which has a European flare.

For sellers this is a good way to stage your home. There are times when a seller wants to start packing up furniture in anticipation of the move. When that happens, the seller's home is left empty or with a disheveled look. However, there might be patio furniture that can be brought in to fill the empty rooms.

This trend is becoming so popular that designers, many from Europe, are manufacturing furniture that's durable for outdoors but is intentionally being purchased for indoor living.

One company told The Wall Street Journal that the furniture is so durable that you can spill a can of coke on a chair and then take it outside to be hosed off. The interest in patio furniture moving inside may also be fueled by its simplicity.

If you think this furniture will scream outdoor style, think again. High-end designers are rolling up their sleeves and tackling the task of finding the perfect materials to keep the furniture from weathering in the outdoor elements while also making it look stylish and chic for indoor living.

Some of the top companies and designers collaborating and launching outdoor-indoor furniture lines are: Dedon furniture, and Kettal of Barcelona is working with designers, Hella Jongerius from Berlin, and Patricia Urquiola based in Milan.

The forgiving nature of the fabrics and the durability of the furniture is creating a vast appeal for busy homeowners who are also concerned with keeping furniture looking good without having to pay lots of money to clean it.

As you can imagine, much of this style and design comes from Italy. The US is fascinated with the European style. Designers suggest mixing and matching. For instance, some designers like Cassina created an iconic 1928 LC3 armchair that uses a type of stainless steel found in ship-building. This replaces the typical chrome-plated metal often used in furniture and which often rusts if scratched. For an interesting twist, the company suggests taking the outdoor frame and using indoor cushions with it. That works for other furniture like dining table chairs, too.

Creating a home that epitomizes a homeowner's unique style while making it easy to keep well-maintained is, perhaps, the ideal that all of us can appreciate regardless of whether we want to see outdoor furniture sharing our indoor living space.

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