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Time To Glam Your Space!

Written by Jaymi Naciri on Friday, 10 October 2014 12:03 pm

Cooler temperatures make us crave thicker, ruddier fabrics and more saturated hues. But they are also the perfect time to bring some richer designs into your home. This year, that's easy to do with a few trends that bring the pretty.


It's soft. It's plush. It's elegant. And it's all over the place right now, so whether you lean toward contemporary, transitional, or traditional, you can find something to suit your style. Our pick: this legacy velvet sofa from Joss and Main. The style says "statement piece" but the mushroom color will go with anything.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is the trend that won't go away, and lucky for us! The reflective surfaces bounce light around the room, which means mirrored pieces can work in any size room because they don't' take up visual space.

And they are inherently glamorous, said Elle Décor. "Mirrored furniture is the red lipstick of interior design: When there's a need for a bit of glamour, it does the trick every time. As with the right shade of cherry or rose, a mirror's level of patina creates a mood. An unblemished surface has a crisp, modern sensibility, whereas antiqued mirror, in its infinitely hazy variations, lends an air of mystery to a room."

Metallics and velvet

Metallics are great for creating wow moments in your space. And few things make us happier than velvet. Pairing them is magic.

Creating layers

The secret to a glam bedroom is creating layers with lush textiles, calm colors, and sexy shapes. This room from Freshome combines a number of glam trends (mirrored nightstand, velvet chair, jewel tones, rich textiles, plush headboard, graphic wallpaper), but the overall feel is sumptuous and sexy, not trendy and temporary.

A welcoming entry

Unique shapes, a bit of international appeal, and an inviting place to put your feet up. What's more glam than that?

Livable glam

Having a glam space doesn't mean a room where no one can touch anything let alone hang out. Glamorous and comfortable are not mutually exclusive. Some exotic hammered metal accessories, a bold piece of art, and a couple of plush pillows are all it takes to glam up your space and still keep it cozy.

Soak it up

The hottest trend in bathroom design is the modern soaker tub. Typically these are finished in white. But if you want to turn up the glam in your bathroom, nothing does it like a metallic finish other ooooh-inducing materials like marble and mosaic.

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