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Don't Forget the Moms When Selling Your Services, Products

Written by Peter L. Mosca on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 7:00 pm

With Mother's Day behind us and moms across the country having been celebrated for all they do for their families -- and they deserve it -- a new survey further shows that builders, contractors and developers would be wise to target the women in the world when selling their products and services. According to the latest American Workplace Insights survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Adecco Staffing US, 30 percent of working moms in America today are the sole breadwinners of their household. Additionally, the same number of working moms (52 percent) grew up in a household where their own mother worked.

Despite mothers' different preferences on working or staying at home, the majority of working moms agree on one point - 74% want their children to pursue a different profession or career path than their own. These aspirations may stem from experiences or challenges they had in their own career.

Additional survey findings include:

  • Moms Turn to Help To Raise Their Children: Nearly half (47%) of mothers responded that their children are being cared for by someone else such as a spouse, daycare program, family/friend or nanny.

  • Moms Think They Make The Best Bosses: More than half (56%) of moms agree that mothers make the best bosses, yet only (42%) of moms would rather have their mom as a boss than their dad.

  • East Coast Spouses Are More Resentful Of Salaries: Over a fifth (21%) of all working parents in the Northeast indicated that their spouse/significant other resents that they make more money than they do. In the West, less than half of that number (only 7%) says their spouse/significant other feels resentful of them. Perceptions between men and women were largely similar as 15% of men and 14% of women felt that their spouse resented that they made more.

"This Mother's Day, we continue to applaud the efforts of all working moms for their hard work at balancing families and careers," said Rich Thompson, vice president of learning and performance at Adecco Group North America. "These survey findings indicate more moms are torn between having a successful work life and family life. What moms need to remember is they can have both, and today's workforce offers a wide range of options including trying temporary employment which allows for a challenging and engaging career, while offering increased flexibility, enabling moms to better manage both their professional and family lives." Adecco Staffing US offers the following tips for ways businesses can reduce workplace stress and work more effectively: Offer Flex-Time Alternatives.

Studies have shown that working men and women would reject a promotion if it required them to spend less time with their families, and would consider flexible hours an attractive option. By developing a work schedule that meets both your needs and your employees', productivity will increase, absenteeism will decrease, and employee morale will soar.

Provide Targeted Leadership Development for Working Moms.

Organizations that support leadership have a higher retention rate and happier employees. This is certainly the case with programming and workshops that target working parents in the office. Various companies like Adecco feature female leadership programs and conferences which strengthen skills in the office, while offering tips on ways to manage it all.

Allow Employees to Work From Home.

Studies show that productivity increases from 20 to 40 percent when people work at home because employees based out of the house work at their peak times with fewer interruptions and distractions, have more freedom from peer pressures and productivity norms, spend less time and energy dealing with the commuting.

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